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6 Proven SEO Strategies to Increase Online Traffic

6 Proven SEO Strategies to Increase Online Traffic

There’s an easier way to grow your customer base online.

Search engine optimization (SEO) saves you time and money. Digital marketing is best executed with grace in search engine optimization.

Optimizing your pages and profiles to align with your customers’ search queries helps your audience connect with your business online. This allows you to more effectively target and acquire new leads simply by narrowing your content to speak to a specific customer base. Use proven SEO tactics for more website visitors.

Which SEO strategies increase online traffic?

Topic of Relevance

An important factor in the success of search engine optimization is the topic of relevance. This is one of Google’s search engine algorithm stipulations. Would a computer easily be able to classify the niche or relevant topic area of the content, profiles, and website you’ve produced? If not, it’s important that you narrow down a topic area in which to focus your attention. You may find that your most relevant niche topic has already been cut out for you — that is, if you took the time to do your research, there should already be a market for your products/services. For the most part, businesses may find it easy to establish a website or online community because their customer base already exists in a specific niche.

Better Backlink Strategy

Who knew the hyperlinks you add to your content could count against you? One of the most subtle aspects of SEO and online marketing is being penalized for things you had no idea were “bad” for the algorithm. Low authority sources is one such problem. Links that lead to and from your website are all part of your “backlink profile”. Improving the health of your backlink profile is an easy path to a more effective SEO strategy. Start by figuring out the difference between good and bad links for a more effective link strategy.

Brand and Domain Authority

Your link strategy directly affects the number used to determine domain authority. The higher the domain authority of the websites that link to your pages, the better your backlink profile. In addition, the more “trustworthy” the page, the more it helps your rank. Yet the results are also much more subtle than pleasing SEO bots and also require you to connect with real customers. This is where your brand comes in to speak to real people. When they see experts, influencers, and industry leaders attached to your name, they are more inclined to trust your website as a source of authority.

SEO Keyword Tactics

When someone mentions SEO, most marketers immediately think of keywords. When crafting content for online channels, it’s always a good idea to do keyword research to get a better understanding of the types of questions your customers ask the search engines. This can be accomplished with websites like SEM Rush that report on the most prominent queries given a specific search term or word. Content marketing is mostly about finding relevant keywords to use organically in your writing.

Blogging Fresh Content

Did you know that Google’s search engine algorithm favors the “freshness” factor of content? This is one of the reasons why everyone keeps saying “content is king”. Content marketing rules the results in search engine queries since the most up-to-date websites are favored by Google. Now you can begin to see why blogs are so popular since they are an easy tool to keep on top of the “freshness” factor of your website with an easy means to produce new articles and updates.

Content and Social Media Marketing

Content marketing is blogging, infographics, and specialized information created to educate your audience into making more intelligent buying decisions. But it can also be used to increase awareness of your products and services. One rule to keep in mind when executing both content and social media marketing is to make it engaging and keep the conversation going. This is “shareability”. When it comes to your SEO strategies or approach for content and social media, likes, comments, and shares assure that others are more likely to read your message through reach.

Better SEO means more website traffic.

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