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7 Essential Tips to Enhance Your Website Redesign

Captivate new customers and improve your ranks with responsive web design.

Is your business using an outdated website? Then you may just benefit from a full upgrade and website redesign. Improve your search engine ranks with a responsive site.

Some of the most important aspects of web design are clarity, compatibility, and ease of use. If your website is not currently up to standards, or if you haven’t already upgraded to a responsive format, it’s time to make the switch to a new and improved website.

Stick with these digital marketing tips for your website redesign:

  1. Simple Design is Good DesignDesign should be easy on the eyes. It’s possible all the extra gadgets and additions to your website actually take away from your overall message. Avoid confusing your visitors by keeping design simple. Clear away clutter with the power of blank space.
  2. Invest in High Quality Photos and GraphicsThe look and feel of your website have a direct impact on your image as a business. Should you hire a professional for high-quality graphics, photos, and videos? Absolutely. Before you decide to build your website design from cell phone photos and makeshift videos, consider the impact of professional design.
  3. Display Your LogoThe digital marketing world is no stranger to symbols. Display your logo to build a continuous connection between your business and the minds of your audience through the placement of symbols.
  4. Use Words that MotivateInspire your viewers to make a move with action words. Action words are the key to getting people excited about the services you offer. Use words that motivate by inspiring viewers to interact with your website with a call to action.
  5. Upgrade to a Responsive Web DesignIf you haven’t already upgraded to a responsive website, you’re missing out on untapped search engine potential! Responsive web design (RWD), also known as multi-platform or “mobile friendly”, is now Google’s most favored format. That means without it, you may be crushed by the competition. A responsive website format will help raise your website’s search engine ranks.
  6. Place Contact Information FirstIs your number and/or address displayed front and center? One of the biggest blunders of a business website design is to make it difficult for potential customers to reach you. If your contact information does not fit well in the banner of your website’s landing page, then consider placing a “contact” tab at the top for easy access to this information.
  7. Give Your Viewers Buttons to ClickAn easy way to increase the interaction between your website and audience is through click-worthy content and displaying buttons. Who knew there was an actual science to website buttons? Statistics show that online viewers tend to favor buttons with rounded edges. This is because sharp edges are much more difficult for the brain to process. So invite them to click through with a call to action atop a friendly round-edged button.

Curious of what “mobile-friendly” really means? Then take a look at the 3 Myths of Mobile Websites before you jump into the website redesign.