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7 Fresh Spring Marketing Ideas to Attract and Inspire Your Audience

7 Fresh Spring Marketing Ideas to Attract and Inspire Your Audience

Top Spring Marketing Ideas for Business

Many people look forward to Spring. It’s a time of warmth and renewal after a cold, dark winter. Businesses with great spring marketing ideas can take advantage of this positive, energetic season to push profits forward like a happy, hopping Easter bunny. Need some help?


Here are seven fresh spring marketing ideas to attract and inspire your audience:


1. Splash Some Color Into Your Marketing Materials.

From the sweet pastels of flowers to the vibrant greens of new grass and leaves, spring is filled with engaging color palettes. Use these in various marketing materials including email campaigns, sales promos on your website, social media posts, and even good old-fashioned circulars in snail mail. Lively colors are much welcomed after a dreary winter to get people in a better (and spending) mood.


2. Play Up The Cute Factor.

Nothing says “Awww!” like cute baby animals. Spring is time for new life — and pairing your merchandise with adorable kittens, fluffy puppies, and poofy chicks is a sentimental winner. Do you have an Instagram account? If not, you should. Instagram can be an excellent visual marketing tool for businesses. Have fun with images and photo filters to enhance the “feels” for your brand. They’ll love you for it.


3. Ride The Coattails Of Great Weather.

Another of the most effective spring marketing ideas is to take advantage of the great weather. Use language in your email marketing, social media posts, and other efforts, talking about being active, starting new projects, traveling, enjoying time outside with family and friends, etc. Don’t be afraid to use symbols and images of good weather like blue skies and sunshine to get people in the mood to take action. Slide in some special buys or sales on strategic products to increase clicks and sales.


4. Clean Away The Cobwebs.

Spring cleaners unite! The idea of cleaning is inseparable from making things anew. This time of year is a banner time to incorporate the idea of a new start. Whether you use the actual words spring cleaning (perhaps in placing sales on old inventory) or using it as a metaphor for positive change, this spring marketing idea has a lot of traction to connect and inspire your audience.


Schedule a new product launch or start conversations on social media asking about new beginnings. A cleaning away of the cobwebs of old, tired marketing campaigns and infusing new energy into your brand is a very impactful way to achieve business goals.


5. Host A Festive Online Or IRL Meetup.

Bring people together during the spring with a festive online or IRL meetup. You can schedule a tweetup, host a spring-themed hashtag competition online, or publicize and host a seasonal event at your brick-and-mortar store. Offer LTO deals during the events. You could also offer a free gift for favorite hashtags or the 50th or 100th customer to walk through the door.


Cold winters can be isolating, making people hibernate and not interact very much with their favorite brands or stores. Get the momentum going again with a festive meetup to push the needle on sales.


6. Launch A Fun Photo Contest.

With the great weather and the landscapes coming alive with color, it’s a fabulous time to take pictures. This fun spring marketing idea has the power to really boost user-generated content and spread the message of your brand. Make the reward exciting — perhaps the hottest product in your lineup or even a trip to the beach. (Spring Break!) Be creative and fun and watch the clicks, shares, and sales fly high as a kite.


7. Plan well for the holidays.

There are a ton of holidays in springtime to plan your marketing promotion around. From Mother’s Day to Easter and International Women’s Day to Earth Day, spring holidays can help businesses attract and inspire large audiences. Be strategic in your timing with email and social media campaigns and make sure your potential customers are given plenty of opportunities to engage with your brand.


When spring is in the air, marketing teams should have their fresh promotions well underway to reap the full benefits of the season. Using these seven spring marketing ideas can not only attract and inspire your audience, but it can also put some spring in your step when conversion rates sprout up like wildflowers.