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7 Marketing Automation Hacks Your Business Needs to Succeed

Marketing Automation Hacks Your Business Needs to Succeed

Tips to Hack the Marketing Automation Process in 2015

Struggling to keep up with the competition in today’s market? Streamline the digital advertising process with marketing automation hacks that multiply with productivity and efficiency.

What are some popular hacks for better marketing automation?

If your company just switched to a marketing automation software that streamlines the process, apply these tips to increase your reach and impact on customers with inbound marketing hacks and techniques.

#1 Data Standardization

One of the best parts of marketing automation is standardized data and lists. Make use of lookup tables provided by Eloqua or the Contact Washing Machine to clean up, enrich, and transform the organization process for more effective digital marketing.

#2 Google+ RSS Connect

Many turn to Buffer marketing automation software to connect company pages. Improve your Google search engine ranks +1 at a time. A standard marketing practice that helps increase your reach is to post each blog on your Google+ pages. Buffer allows you to add your RSS blog feed to your account so that all blog posts are automatically sent to your assigned Google+ pages and profile feed.

#3 Lead Scoring

Want to track customer behaviors and approve the quality of leads? Some marketing automation software provides a lead-scoring tool that reports customer behaviors and interactions with online products. For example, Eloqua provides sales feedback, tools to observe and analyze engagement patterns, outcome reporting, and lead lists grouped by stage of engagement, topic, content, and product type. Other software with lead scoring includes Pardot, Infusionsoft, and SharpSpring.

#4 Event Integration

Another popular hack for marketing automation success is event integration. There is automation software on the market that provides event integration to include webinar creation. For example, Eloqua uses CloudConnectors to integrate external systems and automates invites, registration, and processing for more effective event sign-ups. Salesfusion and Certain Inc. also offer marketing automation software that makes use of event integration for a more successful response and attendance.

#5 Twitter Automatic Response

Everyone who uses Twitter for social media marketing uses an auto-response. That’s because you have to be persistent online these days to achieve the right effects with digital marketing. You have to put your name in front of the competition. Make use of auto-direct messaging on Twitter with tools like TwitterDMer and Tweet Manager Link to get your customers to follow other company social media like your Facebook profile.

#6 Email Drip Marketing

Most businesses these days use drip marketing for more effective emails. With the ability to send emails, create email lists, and nurture leads, drip marketing makes for a useful marketing automation hack that every company should use. Some software like Pardot offer lead nurturing (with Salesforce) and tools to develop more effective drip marketing campaigns with data and analytics.

#7 Mobile Marketing Automation

What separates respected names like Starbucks, L’Oreal, and Nissan? A winning mobile marketing approach. Upgrade your digital marketing approach with mobile marketing automation. If your customer base is a youthful bunch, try connecting with your audience through the use of mobile apps. You can use a mobile app to automate sales on a mobile store app and keep track of customer relations with a smart mobile marketing campaign.

Ready to hack the marketing automation process?

We’ve got you covered. Learn more about our marketing programs and contact Oyova — a St. Petersburg web design, content marketing, social media management, and eCommerce web development company.


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