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Who actually owns the code that runs your critical business systems?

Who actually owns the code that runs your critical business systems?

Do You Own Your Critical Business Systems

Code. It’s at the heart of so much of what we do.

Our clients definitely appreciate our aptitude with code, and our ability to turn it into websites, apps, and APIs that solve business problems. But companies that haven’t worked with outside development shops often forget to ask one critical question about it: Who owns the code? It seems like a no-brainer that whoever paid for it, should own it. But some code-slinging contractors and consultants don’t see it that way. They might not be willing to share the code they write – even with the clients they wrote it for.

Here’s why this issue could turn contentious. Let’s say you hire a consultant to design and code a custom application that you expect to be a key component of your workflow. After a year or two, either your business changes or your technology changes in a way that renders that custom application less effective than it used to be.

If you don’t own that code, your options are limited: on the one hand, you could pay the original programmer a king’s ransom to update it; on the other, you could scrap it completely and start over, waving goodbye to the large investment your company made in the process.

Neither of these options is an enviable spot to be in. Which is why Oyova doesn’t work that way. When you pay us to write code for you, you own it – not us. You’re never locked into a choice between being forced to work with us on the one hand, or starting from scratch with someone else on the other. It’s part and parcel of our client-centric approach to doing business.

When you’re ready to talk about your upcoming business system integration project, give Oyova a call. We’d love to find out more about what you have in mind, and share some ideas about how we can help.