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AppleBox Picks Oyova

AppleBox Picks Oyova

AppleBox Works With Oyova

AppleBox Productions provides the gear and technical talent for the Southeast’s growing film production industry. You need a speed rail frame with ears, this is the place to go. AppleBox had a clever website. There was cute animation of a bouncy apple dropping into a box — cute the first time, but a little frustrating to wait through it every time you wanted to order another Baby C-clamp or Platypus.

The navigation was clever, too. There were boxes with cryptic photos, and you could see the labels of the boxes — one at a time — by mousing over them. When you chose one, you saw a minimalist page with a list of items and a link to a PDF pricelist. You’d pick out your High High combo, go back to the page with the list, and discover that you couldn’t go on to choose your fresnels without first going to the homepage. and mousing over the boxes to find the lights. and then mousing over some more mysterious boxes on that page. You might find yourself on another minimalist list page — with an identical link to the same PDF price list.

As far as the shopping experience went, they might just as well have put a link to the price list on the home page and stopped there.

At Oyova, we admire an aesthetically pleasing design as much as the next guy, but we want your site to work. We kept the juicy color scheme and the concept of the boxes, but we added navigation that lets visitors find their way easily from one item to another. We went with stylish price tables that contain the information people need in a readable form.

We optimized the content for search and gave visitors more information. We integrated social media for increased marketing oomph. And we built the whole thing on a WordPress platform because AppleBox Productions is going places, and we want to be able to update their site frequently, efficiently, and economically.

The result is a fresh, crisp site that still has the excitement a creative business needs, but not at the expense of a positive user experience and good SEO.