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Do You Need Social Media?

Do You Need Social Media?

One of the biggest changes in SEO is the rising importance of social media. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the other specialized sites for specific fields have in some ways taken the place of face to face networking, or at least expanded the reach of business relationships. SEO is all about being visible to search engines so that your customers can find you. What’s the connection between the two?

First, search engines are now returning results from social media sites. Things people say at Twitter or Facebook turn up on Google. Blogs, photos at Flickr, and videos at YouTube have been showing up at the top of the search engines results pages for some time, but people are increasingly making specialized searches. Some 20% of househunters, for example, check blogs now as part of their search.

Then there are links. Links are still the currency of the web; Google considers every link to your website a “vote of confidence” in your site. Increasingly, your links at social media sites, forums, and blogs identify the importance of your company in the online community.

Additionally, social media sites send traffic and increase your authority. This increases your chances of gaining natural links, as people in your online community recognize the value of your website and choose to link to it.

So the answer to the question is, yes, you need social media. Part of the effective use of social media is about social skill, just as business networking always has required social skill, but there are things you can do at your website to encourage success in social media.

For example, the new site we’re building for Applebox Productions pulls their tweets from Twitter to the homepage. Our own site encourages visitors to connect with us at LinkedIn¬† (we’d like to meet you there!). Adding an icon, an invitation, or even a taste of what you have going on at your social media profiles makes your website support your social media just as your social media supports your website.

Fortunately, Oyova can update your website to work with your social media, whether you’re an expert or just getting your feet wet. Contact us to discuss the best options for your business.