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Are you a speeding train?

Are you a speeding train?

Being an Influential Career Force

Over the past few days, I have thought about some of the people in my career who influenced me enough to change my career trajectory. When I
think of those rare people who affected me, I think of the picture of those old cartoons we used to watch as a kid when the speeding train comes by the main character, and the sheer speed of the train pulls the hero along with it. So it poses the question when you interact with co-workers, clients, or even management, are you the type that brings others along with your ideas and your way of thinking?

One of the more influential “speeding trains” in my career is Pablo Varando, founder of and a host of other well-known sites out there. After working under Pablo for a year, his momentum, way of approaching challenges, and how he allocates his time to deliver the best product for the customer truly affected how I approach what I do now.

In my interactions, I try to be that speeding train to those that work with me. Whether it’s clients or developers on my team, I try to bring solid ideas, new approaches, and positive momentum to all projects and challenges. Driving passion for what we do here at Oyova Software, to me, is the only way to truly show customers what they get when working with a team as we have.