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Build a Brand: Create Meaningful Connections with Content

Build a Brand: Create Meaningful Connections with Content

Better Branding Makes Smarter Connections with Consistency

Branding is in creating meaningful patterns with content. How does content help your audience connect to what it is that you do? They recognize the pattern.

The pattern of your brand is what everyone can recognize as your “brand identity”. The more pronounced this pattern becomes, the better the first impression and potential to make the sale.

Keywords: Use them for every aspect of branding.

Bright, sunny, and motivated! Or stifled, drab, and doomed. Words are a powerful tool to convey the mood and tone of your brand voice. But they provide more useful information than just search terms or copywriting keywords. Make a list of keywords that speak the most for your brand and use these words as “brand controls” for every type of project including content marketing, design, and your overall presentation.

Establish the pattern you’re trying to reinforce.

Did you know the human brain thrives off of recognizing patterns? It’s in our very psychology to expect to see the pattern, and if not see it, look for it. When the pattern doesn’t exist, customers can get frustrated trying to find it. Think of the way this works in music. What sounds like “music to the ears” is the harmonious pattern it creates.

Sounds that come across as more “disrupting” are those that lack a pattern for our brain to grab onto and quickly recognize — think of the monotonous beep of an alarm. The lack of pattern with this sound is designed to provoke a response of distress, such as to feel alert enough to wake up. So instead, roll out the red carpet and make your customer feel at home by connecting their minds to a familiar and easy-to-read pattern.

Write a list of content style guidelines and brand controls.

What’s the most effective way to manifest your brand “pattern” in everything you do? Start by writing a list of writing and design style guidelines, branding controls, and content briefs to set the tone for your brand.

The sum of all patterns leads to the “whole”.

Instead of continuously repeating the same message over and over again, use the patterns you have created to point back to the overall statement of your brand. Make sure that all roads lead to the final destination at the end. Start by establishing a series of “small ideas” around your big brand idea that are much easier to digest with a theme. For instance, an easy theme to lock in on for a brand would be fresh, clean, green, and economical. Altogether the message becomes “environmentally friendly.”

Another way this can be done is through strategic visuals. Notice a pattern unfold with the example of each displayed item: pen, notepad, laptop, headphones, gift card, coffee, and what’s on the menu. Where are we? In the beginning, it could’ve been anywhere, but in the end, it appears as if we’ve stumbled into a coffee shop. Check your logo design to be certain you’re reinforcing the theme or pattern of the “whole”.

Grow your brand via the rolling “snowball effect”.

When you start connecting small patterns with branding, you gain momentum that continues to grow with your overall theme. It works just like the bottom portion of a snowman that accidentally tumbles down the hill. By the time it reaches the bottom, the snowball’s going to be so huge it would be difficult to ignore. This works if you keep the flow of your brand efforts moving in the same direction.

Still struggling to build a brand reputation?

Let us help you set the pattern for better digital marketing. Learn more about our marketing programs and contact Oyova — a Jacksonville, Florida web design, content marketing, social media management, and eCommerce web development company.


Branding is About Creating Patterns