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Creating Oyova’s new image, and our process to bring it to life

Creating Oyova's new image, and our process to bring it to life

New Image for Oyova

The Start

As a digital company, we often wonder how long a website stays relevant. Tech trends change so fast in the IT world. Mere months after the release of our last website upgrade we all were unimpressed by it. Unfortunately, being a development-focused team, we rarely have time to address our own website. Recently, we finally released our new vision for what Oyova means, what our message is, and our new focus for the New Year.

We started by asking ourselves “What kind of agency do we want to be in 2014?” as this was an important step to ensure our new site’s content reflected our goals. Those goals were simple:

In the course of our redesign process, the same one we use with our clients, we started kicking around ideas on what we wanted to convey visually, and how we wanted our site to feel when users were interacting with it. We narrowed down the vision for the site, a design plan was given to our talented designer to bring it to life From the first draft, we loved the direction it was going in.


The Result

Here at Oyova, we don’t require much discussion on the platform of choice for deploying our new designs; WordPress is our go-to platform, hands down, and once we had the design completed the fun began! We began to implement the new design in WordPress, and tweak the design to improve on it even more. This is a crucial step in our process, and one of the skills that make working with us a better experience for our customers. We don’t stop at just implementing a design, it must work well in practice, meaning all of the user interactions, animations, layout, etc. need to work together.  The end result for our new site is what we feel is a professional look, with a community-focused message about our dedication to Jacksonville, and it showcases our new premium  IT staffing service.

Armed with our new platform we will be adding new, relevant, and interesting content about IT trends & technology that businesses on the First Coast are interested in. Our mission is to be not the biggest, but the best, IT partner anyone in Jacksonville can partner with. Our goal is to remain hyper-focused on our local community and to help elevate the Jacksonville tech scene as much as we can.