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Customize Your Business Facebook Page

Customize Your Business Facebook Page

Facebook Business Page Customization

Your customers expect to see you on Facebook, so you’d better be there. What’s more, companies that have lots of Facebook fans also have lots more leads than companies that don’t.

So how can you set up a page for your business? Go to Oyova’s page and look right below the part you see on the left. Like us, of course, and then click on “Create a Page.” You’ll be prompted to fill in the information Facebook needs to create a page for you. Be sure to upload your logo and add a link to your company website.

You now have a Facebook page for your company. Our logo looks great with the basic Facebook color scheme and layout, but you can take it another step if you want to.

Adding more photos gives you a line of photos across the top of the page — plan the images you choose carefully and you can have a panoramic view of your building, an array of staff members or products, or illustrations of your strongest selling points.

You can also use Facebook apps to add style. Now that Facebook has deprecated — stopped supporting — FBML (Facebook markup language), many of the free templates and apps people were using to create fan pages won’t work, and most of the current ones are paid. Often they require a monthly payment to keep your new look online, and you’ll still have to create the look yourself. iwipa is a free option, and pagemodo is one that offers a free option as well as paid “pro” levels. Wix takes a somewhat different approach, with both free and paid options.

History shows that apps that start out free often become paid once they’ve established themselves, so consider this possibility when you choose a free app. If you put hours into creating the perfect welcome page and in two months the free version is no longer supported, will you be willing to pay a monthly fee?

Whichever app you choose, the effect depends on your design skills. Don’t expect to have a beautiful new Facebook welcome page up in minutes, and do consider getting some help from the team at Oyova.

If you don’t care to use apps, you’ll find that keeping your page active is one of the best ways to make it look good, within the parameters of what Facebook pages look like. Like related pages, talk to your fans, and add links, pictures, and videos, and your Facebook page will look interesting and special.