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Digital Agency Tales of Success: How one Small Lead Grew into a Huge Sale

How one Small Lead Grew into a Huge Sale

Understand the Lead Nurturing Sales Funnel

How does a lead become a customer? A digital agency uses a defined sales system that keeps the customer in mind each step of the way until the sale is made.

Here’s how customers choose your products/services online:

Step #1: Inspiration

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Inspiration. It’s the first step to lead generation. Before a customer seeks out a product/service, they are motivated by the vision. This is the point of inception when they first decide, “I must have it!”.

This first step is best executed with emphasis on the senses by providing a visualization or tangible example of the product/service in action to better imagine the possibilities.

Step #2: Acquisition

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How do most customers find your online pages and store? They conduct a search to explore all the options before deciding to make a purchase. That’s why search engine optimization or SEO is so important. Other tools that boost your position in a search engine are paid advertising, location targeting, and strategic placement.

Step #3: Discovery

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When a lead enters your website (no matter how small) reassure them that they’ve come to the right place. Capturing leads is as simple as providing a clear answer to their question. “Do you have what I’m looking for?”

“Well heck yes we do.”

Step #4: Selection

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But wait just a minute… why should they buy from you? Smart customers are interested in getting a good look at all the options. Now, answer any questions they may have about you by teaching the customer more about your products and what your company offers. Wow them with the specs.

This gives them a reason to browse around for a close-up of items on the shelves.

Step #5: But Wait… There’s More!

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Your lead is really in the mood to buy something today. Like most buyer decisions, potential customers get excited by the feeling of what it will be like when they finally receive the purchase. If there are more items in your store that support their vision, then make a suggestion.

Step #6: Delivery

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Next, you must deliver what’s ordered on time, and in the manner in which is specified upon purchasing. The most important factor for success with this part is that the expectation matches reality. The words “false advertising” often come to mind when the product isn’t what you thought. Unhappy customers endanger your reputation, so never forget and botch the delivery.

Step #7: Fulfillment

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The expectation failed to match the reality — rather, it was exceeded! Fulfillment is the assurance of happiness after your customer receives what they’ve purchased. Is the vision now a reality? If so, you’re on to the bonus round.

Step #8: Referral

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Your customer was seen using your products, and others couldn’t resist! When asked about the products, they were simply bubbling over with joy to refer a friend (after all, it makes them look good or up-to-date on the latest trends). New leads were acquired and more items were purchased as a result of just one attempt to capture a single lead.

That’s how one small lead grew into a huge sale.

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