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DIY Digital Marketing: Start Your Own Lead Generation Campaign

Start your own Lead Generation Campaign

Start a lead generation campaign to convert customers in no time.

How do most marketers find customers online? They light the fire beneath potential customers by forming a lead generation campaign to start turning in new prospects. Initiate your own lead generation campaign with a few ideas to break the ice.

Remember, a lead generation campaign is about engagement, interaction, and conversion. You must first grab your audience’s attention by making a bold statement. Good advertising can sell just about anything, so when you have something great, it’s up to your digital marketing efforts to make your customers want it.

Which marketing tactics make the best lead-generation campaigns?

Go with Video

One of the most popular forms of content is graphics in visuals and video. Many digital marketers suggest you create a video to showcase a product or service when it first hits the eCommerce shelves. Videos communicate a vast amount of information to your audience in a near-instantaneous manner.

The video should include an overview of the specs such as the dimensions, materials, what you get, the price, and promotion that comes as a product of your campaign. A lead generation campaign doesn’t have to mean you are required to mark down your products and services with discounts, but it can act as a means to advertise new products with special offers that keep customers coming back for more.

WISTIA’s Turnstile is a video email capture program that offers you the option of asking for potential customers’ email addresses at the end of the video.

Landing Pages

When there’s a clear action you want customers to take, you need a landing page. A landing page is a path of clarity that guides potential leads to take action in the right direction. Usually, a landing page sends a customer into the first step of the sales funnel. It grabs their attention with CTAs or bold statements that speak to their problems in mind. It also links the potential buyer to the next action in the sales system. What makes a landing page most effective is the ability to limit the amount of information revealed so that nothing distracts or holds them back from the final action, which leads to the next item of importance.

The Lone CTA

What’s better than having ten Calls to Action? Having one. This is because your customer is already distracted by the other nine. Once you’ve caught their attention, then that’s all that is necessary in order to qualify them as a lead. What happens when you add the other nine Calls to Action into the mix? People start to get confused. They don’t want to take the time to read everything. They were convinced with the first statement, and you actually threw them off even more by providing the rest. So keep it simple with a lone CTA.

Data Collection

You can’t have a true sales system without capturing data from potential buyers. Data collection could be in the form of an email address or other information that helps you get to know the customers who are most interested in your products. This could mean that you have a chance to construct an email list to begin a drip campaign, or you learn the demographics that characterize your best customers. Data collection provides a way for you to keep the cycle going by connecting better with customers and offering something in return as a reward for the interaction.

Downloads for Emails

One way for any company that blogs often to generate leads is by asking for emails. If you’ve grown a base of regular online viewers on your website or followers on your social media pages, then use this to usher them into becoming a lead. A case study done by Quoteroller found that after their website (which brought in +800 viewers and no leads a month) added a PDF download option to their best posts in exchange for an email, they jumped to 5 new leads per day and 200 email subscribers right off the bat.

Still struggling to multiply your prospects?

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