The Benefits of a LAMP Environment in Web Development
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Do You Need a LAMP Environment?

Do You Need a LAMP Environment?

Open-Source Software Solutions

Here at Oyova, we build websites and web solutions for Jacksonville businesses. Most of our clients really have no thoughts about the platforms we build on. As Daniel Rener, our lead technology consultant, says, even clients who have a preference for a platform usually don’t have meaningful reasons for that preference — it’s usually because their brother-in-law suggested it.

You benefit, though, when we build your website or solution in a LAMP environment. LAMP stands for four open-source software solutions:

  • Linux, an operating system (other examples of operating systems are Windows and Macintosh)
  • Apache, a web server (the place where web applications and sites live so your browser can call them and send them to you)
  • MySQL, a database (that’s where you store information)
  • PHP (originally PHP stood for “personal home page,” but it’s grown up since then; it’s a language for telling computers to do things)

There are plenty of reasons that we prefer using a LAMP environment: it’s a stable, mature, standards-compliant development environment with strong community support. But the main benefit that you’ll see is that LAMP saves you money.

Open-source software is free, so there’s no licensing fee. LAMP runs lean, so we can do more with the resources we have. LAMP is fast, and since we charge by the hour, this makes a difference to the cost of your project. We can set up a LAMP server in minutes, saving you money on your job.

Not all developers work in a LAMP environment. We believe that it’s the best choice for our customers, though, so that’s what we do.