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Facebook Messenger Marketing: How to Use It to Amplify Your Business

How to Use It to Amplify Your Business

There are 1.3 billion people who use Facebook Messenger. With an audience that size, it’s no wonder that there are also 40 million businesses that actively market themselves on the popular messaging service.

If you’re not using Facebook Messenger marketing yet, now could be the perfect time to start.

What is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Facebook Messenger marketing is the practice of promoting your business through Facebook’s messaging service. The idea behind it is pretty simple. Essentially, you reach out to potential customers through Facebook Messenger by sending them content that advertises your products or services in various ways.

To do this at scale, many companies utilize Facebook Messenger Chatbots, which may sound daunting, but they’re fairly simple to set up.

5 Ways Facebook Messenger Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

Marketing via Facebook Messenger can help your business in many surprising ways. Here are five of the best examples:

1. Engage with Customers in Their Preferred Way

recent report from J.D. Power found that 42% of customers prefer interacting with businesses via live chat – the highest number in the study. Comparatively, just 23% of customers said that they preferred email.

This tells us that when you engage your customers through a chat service, such as Facebook Messenger, you’re contacting them exactly how they want you to.

2. Increase Your Pool of Potential Buyers

Another recent study found that more than 50% of customers are more likely to shop with a business that they can message. Therefore, utilizing Facebook Messenger marketing could expand your pool of potential buyers by quite a bit.

3. Build More Trust in Your Brand

Research also shows that 63% of people surveyed feel more positive about a business that they can message. Using this strategy should also help to increase the reputation of your brand.

4. Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

Thanks to chatbots, you can save time with Messenger marketing. Data from Gartner says companies can save 25% on call handling by deploying a chatbot.

5. Improve your customer service

95% of consumers say that customer service is an important part of brand loyalty. With an active Facebook Messenger account, it’ll be much easier for your company to knock this out of the park.

People who have problems want quick solutions to them. And if someone knows they can message a real person whenever they have an issue with your company’s products, they’ll appreciate you for it greatly.

Facebook Messenger Strategies

Now that we know what Facebook Messenger marketing is and why it’s beneficial, let’s start looking at some strategies. Here are some Facebook Messenger marketing tools to get as much out of this channel as possible.

Build a Facebook Chatbot

Creating a Facebook chatbot will automate your interactions with customers via Messenger. Huge brands like Uber, DoorDash, and others use chatbots on Messenger to engage their audiences on Facebook with less time and energy from employees.

You don’t need to be a coder to do this. After providing the responses you’d like it to say in various situations, you can sign up for a service online that will build the chatbot for you.

Your chatbot can be the foundation of your Facebook Messenger campaign. With a good one, you can maximize the value you get from this platform with minimal effort.

Create Custom Audiences

Everyone you interact with on Facebook won’t have the same goals or needs. However, your goal should be to reach the audience(s) specific to your business. You’ll want to define who that is, how they interact on social media, etc. For this reason, Facebook has a feature called Custom Audiences, which lets you split your leads into groups based on factors like:

  • Demographic information
  • Behavior
  • Previous interactions with your business

You definitely want to take advantage of this as you build out your Messenger marketing strategy. Because splitting your audience in this way will help you be more precise with the messages that you send them.

And that will, ultimately, help you be more successful.

Run Drip Campaigns on Messenger

Businesses often use email drip campaigns to push new leads deeper into their sales funnels. But you can do the same thing in a more engaging way on Facebook Messenger.

You can automate your drip campaigns with a chatbot as well. Doing so is as easy as writing messages for a new drip campaign and telling the chatbot the schedule you want to send them out.

Try Chatbot Integrations

It’s also worth knowing that you can integrate the chatbot you create with other marketing tools. For example, if you have a CRM that you use to keep track of your customers, you can combine that data with the data you get from Messenger.

Integrating your Facebook Chatbot can be a useful way to tie your social media marketing and broader digital marketing strategies.

Share Your Best Content

Facebook Messenger is also an ideal platform for sharing all of the great content that you make, including:

  • Blog posts
  • YouTube videos
  • Social media posts on other platforms
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • TikTok videos
  • And more

This is another reason to create custom audiences. When you do that, it’s much easier to send people the content that they care about.

Send Facebook Messenger Ads

Finally, you can also send plain digital market Facebook Messenger ads on this platform. People are already in the habit of checking their messages on Facebook. So if you send them an ad in one, they’re very likely to see it.

There’s much more that can be done with Facebook Messenger than just sending ads. But this can be a part of your campaign.

How to Get Started

When developing your Facebook Messenger strategy, you’ll want to consider your audience, how to use and implement your chatbot, your communications, and more. It may take some trial and error, but if you continue to test and adjust, Messenger can help amplify your business.

Need assistance in developing and executing your strategy? Contact Oyova today. We can work with you to develop a custom social media marketing strategy and plan focused on your audience and business needs. Our team is dedicated to finding solutions and providing results to catapult your website and brand. Reach out today!