How to Get a Closed Sales System with Marketing Automation
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Get a closed sales system with Marketing Automation Software

Get a closed sales system with Marketing Automation Software

What’s your sales plan for successful digital marketing?

Do you need a better way to manage sales? Maybe you’re allowing your leads to forget about you, or you’ve been hit with so many inquiries you can’t keep up with the crowds of people pouring into your website!

Any business would greatly benefit from the added organization of a closed sales system. You need a better way to score new leads, track viewer behaviors, and nurture potential customers in a manner that directs them toward the sale. Closed sales marketing is about bridging the gap between the needs of your potential customers and what you have to offer.

What’s so great about a closed sales system?

It gives you a better idea of where your leads originate. Some of the best lead management marketing automation software allows you to ‘zoom in’ on the details of a customer each time you make a sale to determine where the lead originated and which channels are the most valuable to collect traffic for your online business. This cuts the amount of time and effort you spend trying to capture new leads.

No one slips through the cracks.

What’s the biggest challenge of running a business without a closed sales system? Losing quality leads. Most leads only made it to your page because they already qualify to be sold something you offer — whether it is a product or service, they’re interested in learning more about it. But not everyone is ready to dish out the cash on the spot, especially if your product is not a necessity.

Yet, it’s up to you to keep chatting about it until your marketing has prepared them for a comfortable purchase with a bit more information. Even if the customer wants your product, they may actually choose not to buy right away for the following reasons:

  • They really don’t need it and talk themselves out of spending money.
  • They’re in no hurry to buy and like taking their sweet time.
  • They don’t have the funds to spare.
  • They don’t trust you.

Once they’re in, you follow them.

Every quality lead should be kept for nurturing. This is the definition of closed sales marketing, when you outline a circular path for purchasing that works like a continuous loop. You can use marketing automation software to manage leads that fall under the above categories by capturing their data. For those leads who think they don’t need it, use your digital marketing to persuade them otherwise. For anyone who likes to take their time, invite them to come back later. For those who simply don’t have the money, present them with a bargain they can’t refuse. If they don’t trust you, instill a sense of expertise and community with your content marketing efforts.

Making lead management easy.

Marketing automation software with lead tracking capabilities also provides you a platform to interact with potential customers through automated messages, emails, and replies that act as a reminder of your products/services and brand.

It’s an easy tool to establish a connection.

This means they are more likely to return to you when they’re ready to buy. But just in case they forgot how to reach you, your marketing efforts in a closed sales process generate gentle reminders for leads with a continuous stream of potential interactions, email campaigns, and content used to constantly reinforce the desired outcome.

Are you in need of a lead management system?

We can help you get a better handle on your marketing and sales process. Learn more about our marketing programs and contact Oyova — a St. Petersburg web design, content marketing, social media management, and eCommerce web development company.


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