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Google Syncs Your Searches to your Mobile Device

Over 100 million people have smart phones, and most of these devices are setup under accounts like Gmail/Google (48.6% of platforms), .Mac/Apple, Live, etc. Today, Google gives your business yet another reason to check that your local listing data is correct with their history sync feature.

Let’s say a future customer is searching online for a place to eat, well that search will now show up on their phone, granted that they are logged in. This makes finding recent places you thought about very easy to reconnect with. Your goal as a local business owner is to always be accessible and easy to find online. This new Google feature helps mainline your data to the mobile device of an extremely targeted user.

Questions to ask yourself about your website or local listing:

  1. How can I make sure my local listing data is correct with my website or other online listings like Yelp, Citysearch, etc.
  2. My site was designed to view on a desktop, will my it provide all the necessary info when viewed on a Mobile Device?
  3. Can I track Mobile Visits to my website?
  4. Can I track Mobile Phone Calls from local listings?