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Guide to Raising Your Website Domain Authority

Guide to Raising Your Website Domain Authority

How To Increase Website Domain Authority

Confused about raising your domain authority? Everyone who does business online these days already knows of SEO, but they may not have heard of the number value that is their own domain authority figure.

Raising domain authority works much like search engine optimization. It takes time. There is no “instant fix” for curing low domain authority, but there are a few things you can do to boost it in the meantime.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority is a measurement developed by Moz analytics (using MozTrust, MozRank, link profile, and others) to help determine how competitive a website appears given its search engine ranks and trustworthiness. Domain authority is scaled with a figure from 1 – 100. Most social media websites like Facebook and Twitter sport a high domain authority of +97 (or even 100!), but this is difficult to reach for your typical website. In fact, don’t count on ever making it to 100.

Instead, most websites are “doing well” with a domain authority figure of about +30. Domain authority is a number based solely on how much Moz “trusts” recommending you to others. Therefore, it’s important to first convince the search engines to trust you. Start by finding out the score of your website with this domain authority checked.

How do you get search engines to trust you?

Impressing search engines is more like gaining the approval of an automated robot. The bots that crawl web pages base your search engine ranks on specific webmaster guidelines to score your website. As long as you raise no “red flags” with your content in the form of spam and follow best SEO practices, it should be easy to raise your domain authority. The only problem is, it takes a great amount of time to develop a foundation for search engine optimization.

Which SEO best practices raise your domain authority?

Just like search engine optimization techniques, your domain authority takes an indefinite amount of time to raise. That’s why you have to constantly be working toward this final result. Domain authority goes hand and hand with best SEO practices. But one key factor in influencing your domain authority is the health of your backlink profile. You can immediately increase this number by getting rid of “bad links” and securing good links.

What makes a good backlink strategy?

Some of the best ways to boost your SEO and, in turn, your domain authority is through securing strategic backlinks on high authority and relevant websites. Another immediate fix is getting rid of “spam” links or those that point back to low-domain authority sources or anything that could be reported as spam. Instead of redirecting your links to external sources, opt for internal links that point back to your pages instead.

What’s the best method to raise domain authority?

A great domain authority comes from quality content, positive engagement, and links pointing from relevant sites that boast a high domain authority. A great method to always keep in mind for raising your domain authority is securing strategic links. The more relevant they are, the more they count. When building your website, keep your eyes open for opportunities to secure links on relevant and high domain authority sites.

Need help with a better backlink strategy?

We can help raise your domain authority. Learn more about our marketing program and contact Oyova — a St. Petersburg web design, content marketing, social media management, and eCommerce web development company.


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