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How to Hire Top API Programmers

How to Hire Top API Programmers

Hiring Effective API Programmers

When it comes to your business, hiring an API (Application Programming Interface) programmer might be more nerve-wracking for you, the interviewer, than it is for the interviewee. If you’re not experienced with integration, it’s sometimes tough to know if you’re even asking relevant questions.

Want to take the guesswork out of hiring the right developer? Keep calm and question on; follow this checklist, and you’ll end up with the best of the best in API.

Ask About Seamless Automation and Integration

Here’s where you’ll start to separate the average developer from the API genius. Since API is all about communication between two systems, you’ll want to ensure your developer understands seamless automation and integration.

Ask the programmer about his or her past experience with application integration. Was it a custom job or a third-party solution? What challenges did he or she encounter in the testing phase?

A top API programmer will speak to authentication methods and input parameters as they relate to carrying out a seamless task within an app. Ask for specific examples of task-based automation and (in layman’s terms) how these jobs were accomplished.

Quiz Them on the Top Third-Party APIs That Matter to Your Company

In some cases, applicable third-party APIs may already exist, and some may present a partial solution for your app or website development. Know these APIs and add them to your assessment arsenal.

For example, if your app relies heavily on location data, a Google Map API will likely come up during the interview. However, if your app deals with financial data, then you may need cloud-based invoicing or stock data.

There are APIs on the market that join this information and much more. Before your meeting, research with the keyword string “[your needed solution] + API,” and you should find related options. A good programmer will do the same before the interview.

Consider Their Experience With Customized Solutions

A top API programmer should know what integration solutions already exist for your project. If a third-party API doesn’t work, then he or she should be able to tell you exactly why you need a customized solution.

Do you need a made-to-order API after all? The programmer should know exactly why. Ask him or her to provide insight on past projects that required custom solutions, as well.

Know What Types of Apps They’ve Previously Built

As always, time is money; you’ll want an API programmer who can get up-to-speed on your system fast. That’s why it’s necessary to learn how a developer’s past experience matches your app’s specific integration needs.

Perhaps you need social application development. If so, a programmer with mobile commerce experience may not be the right fit. When a programmer’s experience doesn’t quite match up, they should have an answer regarding why their previous skills might work anyway.

In the end, a programmer who has built an app from the ground up will have extensive knowledge of cross-compatibility. Hopefully, he or she will have experience with multiple coding languages, as well. These tools, along with the others on this checklist, are vital for top API programmers.

Contact Oyova today to speak with a development professional, and find out how we can help you take the guesswork out of hiring an API programmer for your website & app development.

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