How to Write a Powerful Value Proposition for Your Business
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Creating a Powerful Unique Value Proposition – Make Your UVP an MVP for Your Business!

Creating a Powerful Unique Value Proposition – Make Your UVP an MVP for Your Business!

Do you know how to write a unique value proposition? Your UVP is central to your business success. Without a clear and compelling UVP, it can be challenging to attract your target audience, grow your business, and achieve revenue goals.

What Precisely is a Unique Value Proposition?

A UVP is a promise to your customers. It lets them know what they can expect you to deliver. The components of a unique value proposition include:

  • Relevancy — how your product or service improves a situation or solves a problem
  • Quantified Value — delivery of specific benefits
  • Unique Differentiation — why you are the best choice over the competition

Your unique value proposition needs to be front and center on the homepage of your website, as well as other critical points of entry. Doing so will maximize exposure and clarity for your ideal audience. Make sure it is easily understandable — not an industry jargon-filled mess.

You need to get into the mind of your customer and use relevant language. Social media is rich with resources when it comes to communication. Performing strategic research in regard to the vocabulary of your target audience before the composition of your UVP will increase your chances of getting found — and connecting with your customers.


It’s about the “ests!”

Every once in a while, a business owner will have the luck of being the only one (or very few) around offering a product or service. For example, you may live in a small city or town that doesn’t have a computer repair shop or a fresh seafood market. If so, you can hang up your sign and probably run a pretty successful business. But this doesn’t happen often. A value proposition is often in its essence about the “ests!” The softest silk scarves, the tastiest vanilla lattes, the smartest smartphone. But it’s communicated in a way that is not overhyped by making you sound like a carnival barker.

It’s about what your competition does not, cannot, or is not willing to do. Have you created a fabulous new type of fruit-filled pastry? Do you have a professional cleaning service that is faster and better than the choices in your neighborhood? Companies need to effectively communicate differentiators and what it is about your product or services that escalate you to be the best choice.

Value Proposition Examples

Curious about who really ‘brings it?” Here are some great UVP examples:


“A RIDE IN MINUTES. Request a ride and you’ll be on your way in minutes.
TURN MILES INTO MONEY. Sign up to drive with lyft.”

This UVP is a twofer. Direct benefits, simple language, and catering to two target audiences on the same page. A highly effective UVP face-front on the page and a tasteful, engaging design to boot.

Tortuga Backpacks

“Backpacks for City Travel. Bring everything you need without checking a bag.”

Tortuga addresses a common pain point for airline passengers while showcasing backpack designs and an image of happy travelers in just one click on the home page — bringing their UVP to life in a very effective and vibrant way.


“Business Class Drinks Delivery. Craft and small batch drinks delivered to your office.”

Putting the capital U in UVP, DESKbeers states their novel concept front and center on the page. With a teaser phrase at the top of the page, “Fancy a craft beer tap at the office?” the company provides an additional dynamic on top of their box o’ beers-delivered-right- to-your-desk-business-model. Cheers to that!

Each of these three sites combines simple language, clear value, and engaging design to place their UVP front and center on the page. They also make it easy for customers to take action with prominent and easily-clickable links. The design of your website is critical to transforming your UVP into revenue.

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A Value Proposition Template for Success

The composition of a successful unique value proposition is drawn from complex insight about your customers and a clear understanding of your product or service. Clarity is the golden rule. Other noted elements to help you marinate your ideas into that perfect message include:

  • Communication of concrete results with the use of your product/service
  • Easily understood within 5 seconds of reading
  • Differentiation and/or improvement over the competition
  • Unique qualities are something the customer genuinely cares about

Sometimes the U in the UVP can be difficult to define. The important thing is to make it something that will really connect with your customers. In the examples above, lyft offers convenience with swift service and a job opportunity for those who want to make money; Tortuga provides the idea of less stressful travel and more mobility; DESkbeers offers several concepts including making work more fun/ less stressful and promoting camaraderie among coworkers and between coworkers and bosses.

Be thoughtful with your research and study your competition. With creativity, insight, and a results-oriented UVP, your business can achieve aggressive goals in conversion rates and revenue growth.

Bonus Tips to Boost Your UVP!

Now that you know how to write your unique value proposition, here are some bonus tips to boost your UVP. If possible and relevant to your products and/or services, utilize:

  • Free/Next Day/Fast Shipping
  • Free Bonus Item With Purchase
  • Special Discounts / Membership Benefits
  • Specific Benefit-Oriented Sub-headline
  • Relevant, Dynamic Images
  • Action-Oriented Sub-headline
  • Social Media Proof and Prominent Placement of Existing (Well-Known) Client Logos
  • Testimonial from a Well-Known Client or Powerful Social Media Influencer

Ready to get started? Make sure to have clarity, power, and brevity in the forefront as you compose your UVP. Place it boldly on your site and product pages; use it in your comprehensive inbound marketing program, including social media. An effective UVP will work for you 24/7 — serving as an MVP to launch your business ever forward.