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Increase Online Visibility with 10 Quick Marketing Hacks

Increase Online Visibility with 10 Quick Marketing Hacks

Need a way to get your website in front of the right audience today? Start with a few quick marketing hacks to increase online visibility and improve your website traffic.

There are a few tricks up every digital marketer’s sleeve when it comes to visibility. Here are some of our favorites:

Start a Blog, and Write Often

What is the real importance of blogging? It’s a combination of a few things: good SEO practices, customer education, and of course, starting a conversation. There are plenty of companies that pass up an easy opportunity to gain exposure with a business blog.

Understand the Anatomy of a Blog Post

There’s more to a blog post than just text. Invisible aspects with the HTML coding on the back end of your blog posts could mean the difference between high-ranking content and drops in page visits. Search engine algorithm bots, such as those used by Google, like your format to follow the skeleton which they’ve already laid out with the Webmaster’s guidelines and best SEO practices.

Your blogs will include tags such as on the back-end of your blog posts in addition to Heading 1/H1, Heading 2/H2, and even, Heading 3/H3 tags that affect the text display as well as the coding.

_h1_This is Your Main Headline__h1_

Alt Text can be seen in place of photos, and you can use it to add a few variations to your keywords. Plugins like Yoast SEO (for WordPress) also let you input a Meta Description (which should also include your keyword phrase or a variation). These are the basics that each blog post needs to increase visibility in search engines, but there’s still more to it if you dig deeper.

Choose Your Own Unique Keyword Phrase

The thing that most people won’t tell you about SEO is that keywords come with competition. Before you decide on your keywords to increase online visibility, be certain you aren’t going to be outranked by default. Use a tool like SEOprofiler to spy on your competition’s keywords and develop a unique phrase. The less competition, the more likely you can secure your spot at the top. A website that’s been around (and ranks) for a specific keyword may continue to rank higher since Google recognizes things like domain age and favors websites with “seniority”.

Hack Your Instagram Profile with Keywords

Instagram has the potential to work wonders on your online visibility. You have plenty of places to start categorizing your webpage with keywords. You can use keywords in your hashtags, but an even more effective approach is using your unique keyword phrase in place of your “name”. Your company’s Instagram will become instantly visible with a search for that keyword. This will affect not only your Instagram SEO but your total SEO on Google, especially if you post often.

Index Your Website Using a Niche Topic

There are a few opportunities with indexing websites such as Delicious and StumbleUpon (yes, people still use them!) to increase online visibility. Just posting a link to your pages will often drive immediate traffic, improve SEO, and encourage more organic traffic later on. This is part of building a strong backlink profile. In addition to indexing sites, it’s also a good idea to browse around for niche topic sites with blog feeds that allow you to submit your own links to be featured or feature your own blog feed permanently. One such website that displays headlines and feed for blogs is Alltop.

Link to Your Website from Various Places

Another aspect of building a good backlink profile to increase online visibility, with search engines especially, is securing a variety of links that point back to your website. You can use your social media to do this, or you can aim to find other high-domain authority sites that allow you to contribute and link back to your website. Remember that it’s much more effective to secure 1 link from 10 reputable domains than it is to secure 10 links from 1 high domain authority site.

Repurpose Your Existing Content

This is where many fall short. You write the blog post, and you even publish it! But that’s it. After it’s all said and done, you took all the time writing that you forgot to promote your work. This is why when it comes to blog content, many will argue quality over quantity. That’s because great content is often timeless and worth the extra boost in promotion.

If you focus more resources on fewer blog posts and promote these posts through any channels available (such as on social media, paid social media advertising, or search engine advertising), you can get much more out of one single post. Repurposing content assures that just one post goes a long way.

Tell a Story on Slideshare

Some call Slideshare the “sleeping giant” of content. We’ve learned from experience that you can sometimes get thousands of views on just one presentation shared via Slideshare. What makes this such an effective choice is that it’s integrated with your Linkedin profile so that your network sees the slide in their feed. You can use Slideshare to share presentations as well as infographics (which are 5x more likely to be shared!). Presentations can also be embedded into your blog posts or web page HTML to display them directly on the page.

A window of Opportunity? Wait for It…

There is an optimal time to post new content. But this all depends on the day of the week and possibly the network or platform you’re using to post.

Post Smarter

Write down a schedule for posting according to the social media website. This makes your posts more visible by optimizing promotion.

Like and Share Your Followers’ Content

People who take the time out of their day to follow you usually do so because they are already engaged with your company in some way. Whether they are a past customer, interested in your products or services, or mesmerized by your brand, your followers are already actively participating. To reinforce the connection between a customer and your brand, try interacting with your current followers. Reinforce or repurpose your followers’ content by liking and sharing it on your page.

What do you do to increase online visibility?

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