Left Brain or Right Brain? Aspects of a Good Digital Agency
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Left Brain or Right Brain? What is a Good Agency?

A Good Digital Agency is Golden

Quick quiz: Is your digital marketing right or left-brained?

The psychology of marketing and selling — the implications of it never end. If you’ve ever been told you were either right-brained or left-brained, you probably wonder how someone came to this conclusion.

Although there is no true scientific definition of right-brained and left-brained, most define them as characteristics of persons who rely mostly on either intuition or logic as a dominant mode of thought when it comes to making a decision.

A Right-Brained Digital Agency Gets Creative

Right Brain

When a digital agency is made up of many right-brained characters, it gets creative. You can expect the results to return in customized graphics, eloquently written words, and superior presentation with original content. Hiring a right-brained digital agency makes you look good in the eyes of customers. It’s investing in finesse with execution, and this step is crucial. You don’t want to mess up your appearance and make a bad first impression.

A right-brained digital agency makes you look good. Right-brainers are intuitive people who rely on their gut instincts and emotions. This means you can expect better initial reactions from your customers.

A Left-Brained Digital Agency Outlines Expectations

left brain

Behind the scenes, at a digital marketing agency, there are “invisible” processes that help you reach your goals. A digital marketing agency that’s left-brained focuses on the numbers which help you grow your customers and sales. This type of team is skilled in analytics and reports religiously to refine the digital marketing process. They not only focus on more customers for your business, but they also adapt to new challenges in the market based on observation.

A left-brained digital agency sells more for you. They take into consideration the real conditions that exist and apply logic to defeat a challenge with systematic strategies that work. This assures you of the numbers.

A Golden Digital Agency Makes the Magic Happen

What happens when your digital agency is neither right-brained nor left-brained? It’s golden. Many have learned of the two opposing hemispheres of the brain that are classified as “logic” and “intuition”, but what if you use them both? Then your digital agency is balanced and possesses a “golden brain”.

A golden brain makes magic happen by combining logic and intuition to reach the intended result. Without the harmony between the two, you may look great and not sell a thing, or sell but miss out on untapped potential or a continuous stream of customers provided by better branding.

A golden-brained digital agency has no problem connecting the dots between web design and development. They can translate the numbers provided by your “big data” figures into a marketing process and sales system that work together to advance you forward and reach your goals. A golden digital agency provides you with the momentum it takes to grow and adapt to your company and market. There’s nothing about digital marketing they can’t handle.

Then now’s your chance to go for the gold. Learn more about our marketing programs and contact Oyova Agency — a Jacksonville Florida, content marketing, social media management, and eCommerce web development company.