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Marketing Hack: 5 Tips to Creating Quality Content

Marketing Hack: 5 Tips to Creating Quality Content

Quality content takes time – but who has any of that these days? It’s impossible to create good content quickly. Or is it? These hacks show it’s not that hard if you have something to start with.

5 Tips for Creating Quality Content Quickly

If you have an unlimited budget, quick is easy because you can hire an army of outside talent to get it done. But for most of us, hiring fifty+ content writers isn’t possible.

Instead, try these ideas:

    1. Rework a Popular Older Post

Go back through your old posts to find a high-performing one. Next, look at what’s changed since you wrote it. Can the stats be updated? Is the technology mentioned obsolete or incomplete? Update it with information true of today and create a new blog post out of it. It will take you a fraction of the time to do that versus writing a new post.

    1. Give Your Opinion About a Top Post

In your industry there are influencers. Take a look at some of their posts. Do you agree or disagree with what they’re saying? Maybe they left a crucial part of the argument out in your opinion. Instead of leaving a comment on their blog with your insights (you can do that too), write a post or create a video blog post about your ideas on the topic.

Link to the influencer’s site and use their callout on social media when you share it. Chances are they’re listening and will at the very least skim what you have to say. Many will leave a comment or share your post. This will drive additional traffic to your site and expose you to a new audience–theirs.



    1. Repost to Different Sites

Google has become very smart about recognizing duplicate content on different sites, and it no longer penalizes writers for it as long as they follow these easy suggestions. Post your popular posts to LinkedIn Pulse and Medium. If it’s shorter, you can try Facebook as well.

While you never want these other sites to be your main posting spot (unlike your blog, they could disappear tomorrow), they do have large audiences. Take a popular post, copy it, and drop it into one of those forums. Next, switch out the picture, play with the title to make it catchier or to appeal to that platform’s audience, and then add a line about how it was originally posted on your site and give a hyperlink back to your site.

    1. Do a Roundup Post

Search through the Internet to find the “10 Best ____” and write a quick synopsis of each. For instance, you could create a post on the “10 Funniest Cat Videos of the Week.” Post each one to your piece and give a reason about why they are so hilarious, and people need to watch them.

The beauty of this tactic is that it works the same way the opinion tactic does. People will see you shared their content and will come to read what you have to say. If they like it, they’ll share it with their audience too.

    1. Rediscover a Sleeper

Earlier we suggested updating a popular post, but you can do it with one that only heard crickets as well. If you think the sleeper was a good, quality post and don’t understand why it didn’t perform better, it likely comes down to something as shallow as images or titles.

Spend some time switching out or adding more images. Try some GIFs. Play around with the title to create something that drives clicks. Add a summary paragraph at the beginning, so people who open it will immediately know what they’re going to learn, and add a meta description that drives clicks.

Finally, there is nothing in the quality content rule book that says all quality content must be written. This isn’t an English class. Expand your offerings to video, image memes, ebooks, and infographics. You’ve already done the work to write the post. Use your posts and translate them into other forms of media. It’s quick, and you’ll get more eyes on your content because you’re reaching out to a much larger audience by covering everyone’s preferences.