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MECLABS Joins Oyova’s Client Roster

AppleBox Picks Oyova

Oyova Works With MECLABS

MECLABS, the parent company of the highly respected online marketing info source Marketing Sherpa, is a research lab focusing on a scientific approach to optimization. For a decade, MECLABS has collected and analyzed real-world data about marketing, shared its conclusions with the online world, and consulted with both Fortune 50 and emerging businesses. Oyova has recently signed a contract to provide server support for their LAMP server environment. LAMP refers to Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, a quartet of open-source, free software solutions.

Oyova ensures the database, the websites, and everything involving their IT infrastructure for their web servers is working. “We host websites, microsites, and web pages for a number of our clients” explains Director of Technology Patrick Lorch,” and they need 24/7 availability.”

With the large amounts of data MECLABS relies upon, server stability issues become a central issue. “We’re looking at rapid expansion,” says Lorch. “It was hard for us to stay on top of our support needs.” Citing a longstanding relationship with Oyova in the past, Lorch went on, “It was time to make it official. It gives us a lot more peace of mind.”

Peace of mind is one of our favorite products.