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New WordPress Plugin: Foundation Shortcodes

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Foundation Shortcodes Plugin

Zurb’s Foundation framework bills itself as the “most advanced front-end framework in the world.” Indeed, Foundation is ultra-powerful and highly extendable by developers. WordPress themes built with Foundation are becoming more common, and here at Oyova, Foundation is one of our platforms of choice.

Our new plugin, Foundation Shortcodes, provides a number of handy content shortcodes with which users can build advanced layouts using Foundation’s mobile-first grid, as well as the framework’s slick UI elements, such as buttons, tabs, accordions and modals — all without leaving the WordPress post or page editor. No coding is required!

For a quick example, let’s review the process of using the plugin to create an instance of Foundation’s accordion element:

[accordion-item title="Blah 1"]
This is my accordion content.

The basic [accordion] tag serves as a container for the item and its content. The accordion title is passed with the “title” attribute, and the associated content is located between the [accordion-item] start and end tags. Counting and title/content associated is handled automatically, so feel free to create as many items within the main [accordion] tag as needed.

In the future, we’ll be adding additional features, including a button to generate the shortcodes using the WordPress TinyMCE editor.

For the full list of features as well as usage instructions, check out the plugin’s documentation page.

The plugin can be downloaded via the plugin page, or installed by searching for “Foundation Shortcodes” in your WordPress site’s Plugins panel.