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Old School Social Bookmarking for Effective Content Marketing

Old School Social Bookmarking for Effective Content Marketing

A Smart Guide to Social Bookmarking and Domain Indexing

Imagine an online database that isn’t a search engine. That’s just what an old-school social bookmarking website does for digital marketing. Social bookmarking websites create a list of categories sorted by humans instead of numbers and search engine algorithms for simple, intelligent navigation.

Bypass the search engine spiders by categorizing your web pages using social bookmarking techniques to build an online presence. Improve your reach by using digital marketing techniques that work.

Why social bookmarking still works:

  • Your website is more accessible
  • Users know what you’re about
  • You gain trust with search engines

Social bookmarking makes your website more readily available to people with an interest in your industry. Not only this, but it helps potential customers discover what you’re all about by giving your company a category with meta descriptions and tags tailored to your niche topic.

In the end, social bookmarking techniques work because they lend your website domain authority to improve SEO with trustworthiness in order to hit higher ranks.

Social Bookmarking

Tags help classify your pages to match a desired niche or category found on each social bookmarking website. Sites like Delicious, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Tumblr provide various mediums to bookmark links and share posts sorted by topics with others.

Each additional share on these websites boosts your ranks in the search engines by increasing your “shareability” factor. In addition, each new post offers a chance to optimize for specialty topics with more precise tags and SEO keywords.

Social Media Links

What makes your company’s social media profiles such a powerful digital marketing tool? The ability to post a continuous stream of backlinks to social media and connect your audience to the most recent posts and pages on your website makes all the hard work and effort involved in link building worthwhile in the end.

That’s because, without a steady stream of updates, your website may drop lower in the search engine ranks. Not to mention, every link you post on social media is a bookmarking opportunity to inspire others to also share (or bookmark) your content. Great content marketing inspires all the likes, +1’s, tweets, pins, and social media shares your website needs to succeed.

Domain Indexing

Avoid the search engines altogether by registering with a domain indexing site. One of the most popular websites for domain indexing is Technorati. These indexing websites provide a way to classify your pages outside the search engines by making use of relevant tags and meta descriptions. Domain indexing helps get your name out there, so customers can discover you by searching your industry or niche.

Inbound Marketing

Social bookmarking is successfully shared content marketing. How do you gain new leads with your inbound marketing efforts using social bookmarking techniques? Increase the impact of your old-school approach to SEO by raising the authority of your authorship profile.

Make use of your Google+ Authorship points by creating a strong profile complete with a bio and integrated with the various websites to which you regularly contribute. By integrating your Google+ profile, you can immediately publicize your new posts by social bookmarking them with a +1 on your page. Another great place for business professionals to build an authorship profile for effective social bookmarking is Linkedin.

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