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Organic SEO vs. Places Listings

Organic SEO vs. Places Listings

Google Places and SEO

Google Places has been going through some major changes over the last month or two, and mostly it’s for the better. With that being said you can’t put all your SEO eggs in the Places basket. You still need high-quality organic listings for those terms that do not supply, or supply limited, Places Listings.

For Example, go ahead and Google ” commercial retail design Tampa “, I’ll wait here…
Ok, welcome back. Did you see something like this:

Out of 893,00 results, our client JW Smith is #1, #2, and #3 for a city he’s not even in. He’s in Dunedin, FL. You will also notice we didn’t create a URL with an exact keyword name, or h1 title it the exact, or even put the exact in the title bar. Ask yourself, is your SEO company providing results like this for your business?