Oyova #1 on Clutch List of Best B2B Service Providers
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Oyova #1 On Clutch’s List of Best B2B Service Providers in Jacksonville, Florida

Oyova #1 On Clutch’s List of Best B2B Service Providers in Jacksonville, Florida

Oyova #1 On Clutch’s List

Oyova Awarded #1 on Clutch

Following up on news that we were ranked the 9th service provider in the state by Clutch, we learned that we outperformed all other companies in Jacksonville!

Clutch recently announced that we WON its annual assessment of top Jacksonville B2B service providers – the Jacksonville Clutch Leader Awards. The platform for B2B reviews and ratings previously listed us 9th on its statewide list.

Oyova and the rest of the top 15 all won Leader Awards from Clutch. Companies winning the awards had specialties such as web design, web development, and pay-per-click advertising. Notably, we were the only custom software developer in the top 15!

Top Jacksonville B2B Service Provider: An Incredible Honor

When Clutch announces these awards, they also provide a brief economic assessment. The COVID-19 economic downturn has given way to aggressive growth and recovery in Jacksonville. Private-sector employment in the city is skyrocketing, with nearly 50,000 private-sector jobs added in May 2021 alone, per the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. Plus, the Jacksonville unemployment rate plummeted year-over-year from May 2020 to May 2021, dropping from 11.0 percent to 4.2 percent.

This award is particularly exciting to us because it comes at a time of overall growth in Florida and the national economy. In the midst of that acceleration, our years of effort have pushed us to the top.

Oyova President, Jon Tsourakis, was thrilled about the award, seeing it as validation of the company’s powerful culture and incredible client outcomes. “While I’m grateful and humbled by the award, it comes as no surprise,” said Tsourakis. “We have a winning culture that emphasizes client satisfaction and positive results in the B2B sector. I appreciate Clutch recognizing this.”

Standardized Criteria Drive Clutch’s Selection Process

You can’t really appreciate this award without knowing the company behind it and what exactly it’s assessing. The reviews and ratings platform for marketing, IT, and business service providers is itself incredibly impressive. Clutch has been ranked by LinkedIn as a Top 50 startup and one of the 500 fastest-growing businesses nationally by Inc. With a user base currently growing 50% per year, it is used monthly by more than 500,000 B2B buyers and sellers.

In terms of the selection process, the level of expertise and client results are fundamental to determining the winner. To arrive at results and drive the report, Clutch analyzes verified reviews, previous clients, and overall brand reputation, among many different factors.

In the release, Clutch Sales Development Manager DJ Fajana said that the company is “proud to present the best B2B service providers in Jacksonville, Florida.” Fajana added a nutshell reason for why Oyova and the other top 15 B2B service companies are being recognized: “These companies have a proven track record of providing efficient project management, innovative problem-solving skills, and excellent customer service. They are experts in their respective fields.”

Working with the Best in Jacksonville

Do you want to work with an agency that has growth goals as aggressive as your own? Oyova creates efficiencies and growth by integrating marketing and technology. Let’s talk.