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Oyova Digs into Data Discovery with XDD

Oyova Digs into Data Discovery with XDD

Oyova Works With XDD

Electronic data discovery and forensics are specialized fields with complex and highly specialized processes and procedures. When Xact Data Discovery decided to partner with Jacksonville attorney Ralph Losey to create an educational site on the subject, they chose Oyova for the web design and development.

We were chosen to make sure that the online presentation is modern, with an intuitive interface and an easy content management system so XDD can update the site easily later down the road.

The design needed to be compatible with XDD’s current website, incorporate some visual elements from Losey’s site, and yet be distinctive. The image on the left shows a mock-up of the new design.

A unique feature of this project was the use of an interactive chart to navigate the website, just like the educational material.  Oyova built the chart graphics to show users a preview of each section on mouseover, before clicking.  This saves the visitors time — they can tell before they click if it is the right section for them, instead of having to navigate to the section to see it.  Using the rollover text keeps the clean, fun icon chart while still providing lots of information to improve usability.

There is a lot of flashy technology that we can use in creating a website, but sometimes it can overwhelm users. Our approach helps the visitors navigate and learn more about the site, instead of inundating them with flying, blinking, or distracting elements.

The site architecture also had to be very clear, in spite of the complexity of the information. This site is intended not just for law students, but for anyone interested in electronic discovery and forensics, so accessibility is important.

With Oyova, you can be sure that the technology we provide will be custom-tailored to your needs, however special those needs may be. Contact us today to discuss your next web design and development project.