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Oyova is Getting Promozilla Off the Ground

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Oyova Redesigns a Website for Promozilla

Promozilla is a Jacksonville company with a global outlook. They offer an online marketing program for small businesses. Business owners everywhere can input their goals, and Promozilla will guide them through the development of a marketing plan, the implementation of that plan, and the tracking of the plan — Promozilla even calculates the cost and ROI of leads from the various strategies. With an innovative set of tools, Promozilla is part coach and part marketing manager.

It’s a great way to automate the routine parts of a job so business owners and salespeople can focus on what they’re best at.

Promozilla ran into problems, though. The company they first hired to build the site just couldn’t seem to get it done. Promozilla was left with a tough decision: stick with the company they started with, or change horses in midstream?

Web design and development may bring up this sort of problem more often than other kinds of work. Oyova has trained and experienced software engineers, but realistically, anyone can claim to be a web designer or developer; there’s no licensing requirement. You can’t always tell from looking at a website whether it’s been built correctly or not, and there may have been many people or even many companies involved in the process of creating the example site a designer shows you. Businesspeople may not have any way of determining the actual qualifications of the company they hire before making that commitment.

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What if it’s not a question of substandard work? You may be happy with the work your firm is doing, but unhappy with the speed or the responsiveness of the workers. And this is something about the web design industry, too. A lot of web professionals are bad about communication, and a lot are bad about deadlines, too. Consumers, having already put in a lot of time and money and not being sure what if anything they’re getting, fear that making a change will be not so much changing horses in midstream as jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Again, this is something that distinguishes Oyova from other firms, but we know that there is a grain of truth in the stereotype.

We also know that sometimes a client and a company are just a bad fit. There may be nothing wrong on either side, but a difference in vision or a mismatch of style can add frustration to the process.

Promozilla chose to use an offshore firm to begin with. This adds an extra layer of difficulty, not only because there may be communication issues, but also because you can’t sit down with your designer or developer and thrash out problems when they’re half a world away from you. When problems arose with Promozilla’s site, a lot of time and money went into trying to solve the problems with the firm. The company felt that it had already made a large investment, and they were hesitant to start over. We met with them and showed them what needed to be done and how we could do it, salvaging as much as possible of the work that had already been done, and they’ve decided to switch.

In the end, the decision comes down to one question: will you be better off if you stick with your current firm, or if you change? In Promozilla’s case, Oyova will be able to build on the work they’ve already paid for, and the site will be completed successfully. A change is the best choice.