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Oyova Makes a Before into an After for Atlas

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Oyova’s Work with Atlas

Atlas Protection Services is an Arizona company that started out installing security systems. Their old website, on the right below, focused entirely on that aspect of their services.

However, Atlas has grown and developed. They wanted a new site that reflected their new services, and Oyova delivered. On the left, you see the new site.

One of the important changes for Atlas is that they offer a voice-verified alarm system. Many cities are charging fees for false alarms, or just not responding without voice verification. Atlas offers that — a clear advantage over other companies which their old site didn’t communicate.

Another major development is that Atlas has branched out into custom electronics such as “smart house” technology: home automation, cutting-edge audiovisual, and more sophisticated security systems. Atlas also offers green technology and other custom electronic services for both residential and commercial customers.

The new site Oyova built for Atlas uses a rotating banner on the homepage to show the wide range of services Atlas offers. Drop-down menus help visitors find their way to just the right services, while internal links help Atlas suggest add-on services that spell additional revenue opportunities for Atlas.

The new site features videos, lots more photos, and a blog that Atlas can use to discuss special details of their services — all of which will help improve rankings, traffic, and conversion.

Oyova built the new site on a WordPress platform so that Atlas can easily change and update its content as its business continues to grow and change. For a company that’s as active as Atlas, that’s a must. Without a content management system, companies have to wait on their webmaster and pay for changes, but a CMS lets you make minor changes on your own whenever you need to.

In addition to the new content, Atlas has a fresh new design and a strong call to action. The new design makes better use of the space and has a livelier, more high-tech look that better reflects their brand.

When it’s time for a change at your website, call Oyova at 1-904-322-8820. We can make your Before into an After, too.