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Oyova Software Success Continues with We Insure Florida

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Oyova Working with We Insure Florida

While many talk of business slowing down and tough times on the horizon, one local insurance franchise, is experiencing unprecedented growth.  Philip Visali began his insurance career like many other agents do, as an agent with a “Captive Insurance Company” in Florida. Philip found success as a captive agent but was disheartened when his livelihood was threatened by decisions made in upper management that he had no control over. Philip decided to build a new insurance agency – from scratch.

In 2006, it was just a dream and over the past 5 years, Philip has turned that dream into a reality. Today, only one year after launching the insurance franchise: We Insure Florida (WE -http://www.weinsurefl.com), they have over 30 retail locations and 70 agents and are growing by leaps and bounds. With over 100 insurance providers, they can offer their clients many options from companies such as Progressive,  Travelers (NYSE: TRV), Homeowners Choice Insurance (NASDAQ:HCII), Federated National (NASDAQ: TCHC), and many more.

What attracts many agents to WE is their internal dedication to constant improvements and using the best technology available. This is evident in their customer care department. “Because every client deserves the best service, we use state of the art software that allows us to have a manager on the call with every customer service agent.  This manager can guide the service agent to assure the best quality customer care.” This sophisticated software also allows clients to get the information they want by allowing their insurance agent to get them to a service professional seamlessly. Agents love this system, but more importantly, client feedback is outstanding.

Another area where WE is using technology to get ahead is the internet. When their website management provider fell short of providing the level of support they wanted, WE would accept nothing but the best. WE wanted not only a technology partner, but an innovative and progressive partner that would not only support them, but help them grow. WE contemplated the benefits of a marketing company and a separate website management company, but instead found everything they were looking for and a lot more in Oyova (www.oyova.com) Web Design located in Jacksonville.

By utilizing technology to grow, and believing that a family atmosphere is the backbone of success,  “WE” continues to challenge themselves and their partners to find innovative ways to improve their systems for their clients and their agents. WE Insure Florida is on the fast track to being one of the largest insurance franchises in Florida.

Read the full press release here: http://www.prlog.org/11624700-business-is-booming-for-local-insurance-franchise.html