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Oyova Software Team Continues to Grow

Oyova Software Team Continues to Grow

New Web Developer for Oyova

Starting a few months ago, Oyova Software began looking for another talented web developer as our client base has been growing at a steady pace.  After interviewing many candidates, we are excited to welcome Matt Tippins to the Team.  To help get to know the man they call Matt, we sat down and asked him some questions:

Corey Trent: How long have you been in the web development field?

Matt Tippins: I have been programming with various languages for 6 years.

Corey T: What do you like doing outside of work?

Matt T: Running, watching films, building computers, gaming.

Corey T: What attracted you to Ovoya?

Matt T: Oyova seemed like a fast-moving company with a lot of experience that keeps up with tech trends.  They also have the client’s best interest in mind.

Corey T: Have you worked on any cool projects you are proud of?

Matt T: I was commissioned by the State of Florida to rebuild their, “Faculty and Friends” portal. On the fun side, I programmed a side-scrolling shooter game in Flash.  Lastly, was in charge of a large annual Haunted House in Jacksonville for 4 years.

For us, Matt was an easy hire with his desire for excellent programming, great communication, and his haunted house experience (especially with October around the corner).

Oyova Software is thankful to all our partners that have powered our growth in this tough economy.  We look forward to continuing the high-quality support and web development with Matt joining our team.