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Oyova Updates Second Harvest

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Oyova Works With Second Harvest

North Florida’s Second Harvest serves 18 counties in North Florida. With over 400 member agencies, Second Harvest was able to distribute 19 million pounds of food in 2010, the equivalent of about 14.3 million meals. This is nearly double the amount distributed in 2009.

“That’s good in a way,” Says Director of Communications Tom Strothers, “But it’s also a reflection of greater need.”

With increasing demand, the agency’s website at is increasingly important. While the website communicates with the community and people in need can use the site to communicate with the organization, the most popular areas on the site are those where people can make donations and learn how they can help. The site is an important fundraising tool.

Second Harvest chose Oyova to bring their website back up to speed. “We update the site ourselves,” says Strothers, “but some things you need to leave to the people who do it for a living.”

Oyova will bring the site back up to full functionality so it can continue to do its important work.