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Pros and Cons of Using an Agency for Google Ads

Pros and Cons of Using an Agency for Google Ads

How Outsourcing Your Google Adwords to An Agency Can Help Catapult Your Sales

Research shows paid search visitors are 50% likelier to buy than organic visitors are. To tap outside expertise, you may be looking at hiring a Google Ads agency.

What are the pros and cons of using Google AdWords services? One business thought the cons did not outweigh the pros and handled Google Ads (the new name for Google AdWords) and other pay-per-click (PPC) marketing in-house. However, when an employee left, they needed temporary help. The CMO was currently handling the PPC program as the company rehired its marketing manager; once that position was again filled, the idea was to shift the task back in-house.

The company badly needed assistance to keep PPC running smoothly since the CMO was busy with innumerable other responsibilities. At first, the organization was extremely skeptical about working with a paid search services company. Desperate to fill the gap, the company resisted its hesitation and moved forward with a short-term contract.

Once the Google Ads agency was within the client’s Google Ads account, several problems were apparent — which together pointed to the need for an immediate restructure:

  • There was a significant repetition of keywords and the use of the same keyword in its singular and plural form.
  • In many cases, hundreds of the ad groups within campaigns had mixed themes.
  • There were no live ads for hundreds of ad groups.

A reasonable assumption based on these issues is that the marketing manager was competent but was simply overwhelmed with responsibilities. Indeed, expectations were broad in scope for marketing managers at the company.

There are pros and cons of using Google AdWords services as an integral part of your PPC program. Here are the positives and negatives of working with a paid search services firm ongoing, listed in alternating order.

Google AdWords Services: The Pros and Cons of Hiring An Agency

Here are the top pros and cons of using Google AdWords services:

Pro #1. Lower cost

You can forego, whether temporarily or permanently, the substantial overhead cost of hiring marketing staff. Costs include salaries, benefits, equipment, supplies, liability, and possibly office costs, to name a few.

Pro #2. Instant access to talent & immediate increase in productivity

The professionals at a paid search services company have specialized knowledge and skills you can leverage. For an agency to stay in business with solid ratings, it must be results-driven as they manage and optimize PPC accounts.

Pro #3. Transition to a more sophisticated model

You can implement more complex or challenging CPC work based on accurate market research. You enhance your informational analysis and data-building capacity.

Pro #4. Combined experience, enabling a more robust strategy

Agencies have experience, which has allowed them to learn and sharpen their skills. They have a broad perspective. They keep updated on new functions and advertising platforms. Working with an agency blends together the experience of both institutions for optimal results.

Pro #5. A coordinated extension of your marketing department 

Your view will broaden with a pay-per-click agency. Any pilot will tell you the importance of line of sight to maneuver at top speed. Expand your line of sight so that you can spot obstacles in advance and change course.

Con #1. May not be well-equipped for today’s needs

The agency may be utilizing outdated methods and strategies. They may fail to implement Measurement Marketing or a data-driven approach.

Con #2. Lack of communication/production of work to bill hours

When a Google Ads agency cares, they are open and ready to communicate, respond, problem-solve, and refine as needed. When an agency does not care, it may just be grinding away to bill for its time.

Con #3. Problems having work fulfilled on time due to inadequate agency staffing

You are reliant on the agency. You trust them with a job just as you would trust an employee with a job. If the agency is not adequately staffed to fulfill your needs and deliver on time, you may find yourself scrambling or having to scrap campaigns.

Con #4. Creation of in-house stagnancy or complacency

Finally, you may feel that it will keep your team stronger and more abreast of trends if they handle Google Ads in-house.

The Right Paid Search Services Choice

After looking at the pros and cons of using Google AdWords services, your next step is to select the specific company with which to partner. At Oyova, as one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation, we have a proven track record across industries.

We take pride in our approach – ensuring transparency and clear communication from onboarding to implementation and reporting. We work with you and your team to focus on your needs and goals and deliver customized campaigns and solutions within your Ads budget to help you drive more business.