Create a Winning SEO Strategy with Tips to Raise Ranks
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The Best SEO Strategy to Defeat Competitors and Raise Ranks

The Best SEO Strategy to Defeat The Competition

What’s the best SEO strategy to defeat competitors and raise ranks? Most businesses have a good grasp of best SEO practices because showing up on the top page is essential to selling more online.

You get more people through the door when your SEO strategy works. But how do you adapt to rank above competitors? It pays to outsmart the rest of the industry by using the best SEO strategy to defeat customers and raise ranks.

Step 1 – Do Your Keyword Research First

Before you start dishing out the content, be sure to conduct keyword research first. A keyword research tool such as SEMRush will help you discover which keywords your customers are looking up in the search tool.

Step 2 – Think About Questions Your Customers Ask

What are some of the main challenges your customers are facing? The awareness stage is when your customer might not actually know about something they need from your business. This provides an opportunity to capture them searching for their problem and follow up with more educational information about the solution.

Remember, your customer might not be fully aware of what your business can do for them, and they might also not know all the benefits of choosing your solution over a competitor. Focusing on capturing an audience searching for problems that your products or services helps solve is a step in the right direction. Getting a better idea of the most common problems a customer might be searching for online opens a gateway between your website and new leads.

Step 3 – Use High Volume & Low Competition Queries

There is a “trick” to developing the best SEO strategy. That is, each keyword you use must first meet certain criteria. First, the keyword/s should pull in a medium to high volume of traffic. Second, the keyword/s should be relatively low in competition. Third, your chosen keyword/s should also expand into long keyword phrases that are more specific and easier to rank.

Step 4 – Add Keywords to All Online Content

There should be some keywords on your pages that never change. These keywords should stay the same all the time and include any keywords for which you already rank well. Repeating your high-ranking keywords or those that bring in the highest quality traffic across your website is one way to raise ranks.

Another option is to also add in keywords that may be less frequent in your content but pull in less ordinary searches. This can be done by adding new search terms and keywords regularly to content but maintaining your top-ranking keywords throughout your website.

Step 5 – Don’t Forget Keywords in Meta, Headlines & Alt Text

Keywords don’t just go in the body content. In fact, headlines and such will also provide your pages with a boost in page ranks if high-quality keywords are used. You should try to have at least three instances of your keyword (or a variation of it) in an average 500-word article. You should also include this same keyword in headlines if possible, as well as meta descriptions and alt-text tags for photos and other content.

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