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6 Social Media Campaign Ideas for Christmas to Attract Business

Social Media Campaign Ideas for Christmas to Attract Business

The holidays are an exciting time of year for children and families — and businesses too! And Christmas social media campaigns play a time-tested role in boosting traffic and increasing sales during this very profitable time of year. Make sure not to miss out on the many social media campaign ideas for Christmas and share what you have to offer.

The 6 Best Christmas Social Media Ideas

Here are six Christmas social media campaign ideas to showcase your holiday spirit and spur your customers to click and spend:

1. Get festive with your social media profiles


People love to decorate during the holidays. From interiors to exteriors, homes are splashed with color, garland, lights, and much more. Show your excitement and spread cheer with decorative components on your social media profiles. Change background photos and use festive graphics. If you can create themes in alignment with your brand it will be even more impactful.



2. Do a holiday giveaway


Everyone loves free stuff! This is one of the most powerful Christmas social media campaigns to increase traffic and draw in new customers. There are some best practices in doing a holiday giveaway to make your brand get the most attention possible including:

  • Picking a product or service (or a stocking full) that people really want
  • Making a special post that has a great visual announcing the prize
  • Giving clarity on the rules to enter (RTs, Likes, etc.)
  • Setting a deadline for entry to win
  • Picking a winner (some social media management software may have a program built-in)
  • Announcing the winner in a brand new festive post


3. Create special offers


Feature different types of offers with dynamic images and holiday themes in the days leading up to Christmas — creating urgency within a limited time frame. Make one-day or two-day sales. Offer 20% off until a certain hot item is out of stock. These kinds of limitations can help to turn a casual looker into a buyer quickly!


4. Make a gift guide


Make (and share) handy gift guides for your customers and share them across your social media platforms. You can create all kinds of different themes. Be creative! Develop and strategically craft guides for different ages, styles, and tastes.

Be mindful of your audience and share particular gift guides on appropriate social media channels. To be the most effective, know your demographics well. Aim for the most relevancy possible and the wallets will open wide.


5. Connect with the emotions of the season


The warmth and spirit of the holidays can (and should) be celebrated in Christmas social media campaigns. Everything that comes out of your social media channels shouldn’t always be totally sales-oriented. Be true to your brand and connect with your customers on an emotional level with stories of the importance of togetherness, thankfulness, and joy.

These can be text only but will make more impact if you use imagery to accompany the text. From lovely warm, photos to sweet videos that make you go “Awwww!” using these types of posts can truly engender your audience to your brand. And potentially create new customers that will stick with you for the long haul.


6. Have fun with holiday hashtags


Hashtags continue to be more and more powerful when people are not only looking for some topic in particular but also to spur the creative minds of your audience. Make your own holiday hashtags and propel your audience to make up their own too. Twitter has much notoriety on this front. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up as a trending topic.

You can even create special events/Tweetups on certain days to increase power and reach. Always make sure the company posts and hashtags are on brand though, even when some of your followers won’t be. Be festive, fun, and funny — but be careful not to offend.


Deck the halls & give it your all

Christmas social media campaigns present an extraordinary opportunity to delight, inspire, and motivate your customers. This is definitely not a time to “phone it in.” Be bold and beautiful. Monitor your social media posts really well and respond to conversations quickly. Engage. Engage. Engage. This once-a-year gift-buying and giving bonanza can propel sales into the sky as high (and fast!) as Santa’s sleigh.

From gift guides to giveaways, there are many chances for you to connect and spur your customers to flock to your store or fill their online shopping cart. Time to put on your Santa hat and ho-ho-ho your company to new heights.