Oyova Listed #25 in the 2021 Fast 50 Awards
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Team-Driven Process: How Oyova Finished #25 in the 2021 Fast 50

How Oyova Finished #25 in the 2021 Fast 50

Oyova ranked #25 in an annual list of rapidly growing businesses published by Jacksonville Business Journal.

Oyova Team

Oyova Software’s Account Manager Beth Rener, CEO David McGraw, Director of Operations Ryan Boulware (left to right), pictured in the afterglow of news that the company had crossed the finish line #25 in Jacksonville Business Journal’s 2021 Fast 50.
Across the economy, virtually all sectors have something in common: the past year has been extremely challenging. However, the pandemic has not been without its silver market linings. Many organizations found new ways to approach their processes, and interesting opportunities are arising – even as the pandemic continues to frustrate many businesses’ outlooks.

The Jacksonville Business Journal puts together a list each year of the 50 fastest-growing companies in the First Coast region and holds an awards ceremony to honor these top performers. The magazine’s staff selected the 2021 Fast 50 companies by looking at businesses with the highest percentage of revenue growth for 2018-2020.

Seamless Processes: How Oyova & Other Fast 50 Companies Did It

The Jacksonville Business Journal noted that the Fast 50 companies were able to leverage prior growth to create more during 2021. There is certainly a lot of truth in that for us. While we have made some shifts, our commitment to sticking with and refining our own processes has allowed us to stay focused and make gains.

Jacksonville Business Journal Managing Editor James Cannon interviewed our CEO, David McGraw. Cannon asked McGraw what strategic decisions he credited for fueling our fast growth rate. “We focused on essential businesses that needed to enhance or create their digital presence,” McGraw said. “Plus, we focused on process improvement and not just marketing for clients.”

Some businesses headed into the pandemic stronger than others. They may have had stronger financial and knowledge reserves. They may have had experienced and innovative staff who helped navigate uncharted waters. But most importantly, these companies – like ours – had strong processes.

Oyova is known by many in the community as an application development and marketing agency. However, we are also a process consultancy. As we help you polish your presentation and express your best self to your audience, we analyze organizational processes. In other words, we study the step-by-step methods that bring you clients and revenue, applying the same principles we used to build our business to fuel your company’s growth.

The Jacksonville Business Journal also asked David what running a rapidly expanding organization has taught him about leadership. “Have tight processes and review them regularly,” McGraw said, “and encourage all levels to maintain and create processes.”

At Oyova, we conceive of infrastructure-level flow modifications, happy to inform the way we help our clients by rethinking their marketing and technology processes. We question assumptions. We recommend enhancements and/or adjustments to the processes through which you market your company – the processes through which you touch prospects, customers, and partners online.

How Fast Are We Growing? How Has Our Culture Grown with Us?

“I really respect the Fast 50 award by the Jacksonville Business Journal because it’s the only award that is earned based on tangible numbers,” said McGraw, “not feelings or hype but simply numbers that prove growth.”

Oyova scored #25 on the Fast 50 by growing at a rate of 35.04% from 2018 through 2020.

“As my best friend likes to say, ‘Again and Again.’ This year we get to add one more ‘Again,’” said McGraw. “It feels pretty special to place in the top 50 fastest-growing companies for 3 years in a row. It’s not easy to increase growth year-over-year for 3 years, but we did it. Not only 3 years in a row, but we also increased our ranking in each of the 3 lists. That’s something I’m very proud of.”

Beyond the process emphasis, one key internal piece of Fast 50 companies’ success is company culture. When The Jacksonville Business Journal asked David how he maintained great company culture during rapid growth, he mentioned, “[r]egular team meetings and company gatherings.” Indeed, it is through getting together, whether virtually or physically, that we are able to play off our best strengths – in turn yielding better processes.

“When people come together, and they’re aligned, the outcomes are award-winning. This exemplifies that,” noted Oyova President Jon Tsourakis. “Achieving this for the third time is an actual pattern of success. It recognizes the steady, continual hard work of our team and the satisfaction of our clients.”

“This is the epitome of a team win,” said McGraw, expressing the same sentiment. “It takes our entire Oyova team to make this happen, from the team members that have been here from the first one to the newest members who helped us in year three. We have a winning culture that thrives on producing win after win for ourselves – but most importantly our customers.”

It’s the process, and the product

“It’s the process, not the product.” – educational theorist Maria Montessori

Let’s revise the quote from Maria Montessori. How about, “It’s the process, and the product.” By focusing sufficiently on the strength of processes, you get the product you want. And the processes only get where you want them with a strong team.

“Don’t get me wrong, winning anything feels great,” said Tsourakis. “But when you get to work with an incredible group of people who earn it day in and day out, the recognition from the Fast 50 is that much sweeter.”

Focus on processes, delivered through a culture of teamwork: That’s our philosophy at Oyova. Call off the search.