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The AIDA Marketing Formula at Your Website

The AIDA Marketing Formula at Your Website

Using the AIDA Formula for Your Website

In the late 19th century, E. St. Elmo Lewis coined the marketing mnemonic A-I-D-A: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. This description of the sales funnel has stood the test of time. You have to get your prospective customer’s attention, gain their interest in what you have to offer, help them develop a desire for the goods and services you promote, and then help them to take action to buy your things or hire you. 

Let’s see how this relates to your website. We’re looking at the new website we’re building for Applebox Productions as an example.

The header has a bold statement: “We are the Southeast’s BIG APPLE for  Lighting, Grip, and Camera.” This ought to catch the attention of someone in the Southeast looking for film production gear. It’s always good to start with a clear statement of what you have to offer.

In the main box in the center-left, we have a list of specific items such as a person might be looking for, and the locations the company serves. If you’re getting ready to film in the region, your interest ought to be piqued.

The remainder of the screen has details about the benefits and special features of the company, in juicy green to draw the eye. The visitor should be tempted by the fact that this company supplies crew, the new and used items for sale as well as rental, and all the other handy extra goodies.

With the desire to make arrangements aroused, our prospect finds “contact” in just the place where you’d anticipate finding it, and within seconds can be on the phone with Applebox Productions, making all the arrangements for that photo shoot.

Check your website: is it designed with AIDA in mind?