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Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools for Tracking Leads Online

Automate Lead Acquisition using Tools to Track Online Sales

The best CRM softwares connect you with potential customers. Take a look at the top customer relationship management systems that make lead nurturing, tracking, and conversion much simpler than before.

Wouldn’t it be nice to automate the lead reporting process? With a closed sales system, focusing on lead acquisition and conversion is your ultimate goal. With a controlled method to capture leads, observe behaviors, and nudge potential buyers into your sales funnel, making the sale should be easy.

Do you use these tools for tracking leads online?

5 Tips for Tracking Leads Online Successfully

    1. Apply CRM Analytics like Salesforce

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool like Salesforce measures leads. This cloud computing software is a fantastic platform to track and observe lead analytics. Salesforce is an automation software solely focused on generating, preserving, and converting leads. It’s also a great place to uncover high quality leads by growing your customer base, automating the sales process, and estimating better future actions.

    1. Construct Email Lists using Hubspot (or Drive)

Drip email campaigns are some of the most effective ways to connect with leads. A marketing automation tool like Hubspot allows you to construct quality lead lists to assist you conversion efforts. It’s difficult to keep track of every lead at each step of your sales process, so automate the manner in which you assess and interact with potential buyers.

Hubspot is a popular automation platform that makes building email lists and responses much simpler by batching them into one action. In addition, Google Drive offers Docs and Spreadsheets that can be used to make lists and accessed online from any place.


  • Try Email Scheduling with Boomerang


The handy email add-on Boomerang is a simple solution to schedule emails. If you aren’t willing to invest in a marketing automation software, then consider setting your Gmail scheduling and reminders through Boomerang.


  • Lead Nurturing with Act-On Software


Some of the best marketing automation softwares nurture leads for you. Act-On automation software offers a top lead-nurturing tool for total CRM integration, funnel reports, automated emails, and lead scoring. With trigger emails to drive sales conversions and a powerful email engine for composing new messages, you have everything you need in one easy-to-use dashboard.


This particular software extends across, not just email marketing, but social media and lead management as well. This means you can use Act-On as an all-in-one digital marketing platform that integrates big data values with customer acquisition.


  • Get Free Lead Tracking with Convertible


If you don’t want to invest in a lead tracking software, no problem. Get Convertible, a free lead tracking software designed to report on leads and measure real ROI (return on investment). The great thing about Convertible is it allows you to track leads with in-depth numbers and analytics. Convertible also offers a means to update the status of leads as they move further and further down your sales funnel.

Are you using smart tools for tracking leads online?

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