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Top 6 APIs You Should Know About

Top 6 APIs You Should Know About

Helpful APIs to Be Aware Of

When it comes to app integration, know this: there’s a “method” to the madness – it’s API (Application Programming Interface). Whether you’re considering a custom solution or a third-party plugin for web app development, APIs offer exceptional automation and more. There’s a whole market of ready-made plugins just waiting to be called upon. Check out our list of the top six APIs you should know about.

6. Yahoo! APIs

Although Yahoo’s APIs don’t hold a digital candle to many of Google’s apps and amenities, they still integrate a sundry of services and features. Explore a range of business benefits from media support and inclusion to weather forecasts and even financial data such as stock feeds and stories.

5. Salesforce APIs

Need reporting on customer retention and lead generation information? Salesforce APIs lend essential CRM (customer relationship management) tools to your company’s software. Organizing connections between members or students within associations or schools has never been easier.

4. QuickBooks APIs

Most business apps wouldn’t be complete without financial integration, and since QuickBooks is number one in accounts management it’s no surprise that its APIs are also a top answer to robust accounts batching and more. Need to sync transaction data from your app to QuickBooks? The Customer Account Data API does it all.

3. Dropbox APIs

Dropbox means business with its Datastore API – for exceptional storing and syncing capabilities. Need automation? The Dropbox Sync API has you covered with its remote notifications that keep you and your users up-to-date with the latest changes to data and documents within your app. This application development solution is a must-have for SaaS products with collaboration and productivity functions.

2. Google Maps APIs

Google Maps APIs offer some of the most powerful ways to integrate location data. For one, the Places API features the latest information on locations and even events across the globe. Google Maps APIs are perfect joiners for all sorts of businesses – from travel companies to review websites.

1. Facebook Marketing APIs

Needs state-of-the-art social ad integration? Facebook is a go-to source for application ad incorporation and management. Facebook’s Ads APIs work together with its Graph API for an all-in-one social analytics solution. Since almost every company is on Facebook these days, its marketing APIs are indispensable.

This is a broad list of third-party APIs that suit multiple data needs; however, a one-size-fits-all solution may not work for your business. Looking for a custom API or an alternative route to app integration for your website & app development? Give us a call today and find out how we can help.