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Website Makeover: Paradise Pool Service

Website Makeover: Paradise Pool Service

Oyova Provides a Redesign for the Paradise Pool Service Website

Oyova recently completed a redesign for Paradise Pool Service. The new site, seen on the left, looks very different from the old one, seen below.

There’s more to it than just a prettier website, though. The redesign should provide better results from the point of view of search and conversion, as well.

The site owner has had this site for a bit more than three years, so it’s about time for an update. Most websites benefit from a new look at this point, and in this length of time, there are also likely to be technical changes that affect your website. The owner of this site had been working with an SEO firm and was keeping the site current, but it was time for a change.

What’s the difference?

  • The old site had old-fashioned code, so it doesn’t look equally good in all browsers. The new site is built in WordPress with up-to-date code, so it will behave better.
  • Since the new site was created on the WordPress platform, it’s much easier for the owner of the site to update it and add new photos and special offers. While the owner intends to have Oyova do the updates (DIY wouldn’t be the best use of his time) the content management system will allow us to make those updates faster and therefore more economically.
  • The navigation is cleaner and more logical at the new site, so visitors will have a clear path to the information they want.
  • The new site makes much better use of the company’s photos, with six galleries (see an example below) showcasing the amazing work the company does. The old site didn’t make use of these photos, but it makes sense to play to your strengths: if you’ve got it, flaunt it! We made sure to include well-optimized text and alt text to keep the search engines clear on what the pictures showed, but the visual appeal will bring in customers, too.
  • The photos are also optimized for the web; on the old site, they weren’t, so the pictures that were there loaded slowly. Visitors don’t like to wait around for pages to load and often will simply leave the site. What’s more, this company is focusing on green technology for swimming pools, so we knew they’d prefer a leaner, greener website.
  • The new site has more, better-written text. Content is king with the search engines, more so than ever with Google’s recent changes to the algorithm. We worked closely with the owner of the site to make sure that the content reflects the company accurately, while also using the keywords people will use to search for services such as those offered by Paradise Pool Service.

With a more modern look and more to offer visitors, the new site should be more appealing to visitors and lead to more conversions than the old one did.

The new site also has a faster load time, even though it is very photo-rich. Google prefers faster, better-built websites, so the technical improvements are likely to improve the site’s rankings.

You may notice that your website isn’t as exciting to customers as it used to be, or you may just feel ready for a change. If so, go ahead and make the changes that will not only give you a website you can be proud of but also improve your results.