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What Is an Optimized Website?

What Is an Optimized Website?

Businesspeople are beginning to become aware of the term “SEO,” and even “search
engine optimization” — but what exactly is an optimized website?

optimize something generally means to make it perform as well as
possible, and that’s what search optimization means, too.  An optimized
site is one designed and built to perform as well as possible with the
search engines. That includes the following things:

  • Standards compliant coding and well-developed navigation so search engines can easily index the site.
  • Content that makes it clear to the search engines what your site
    has to offer, so the search engines can match up your site and the
    people searching for what you doyour goods and services.
  • Meta content (the things search engines, not human visitors, see)
    that clarifies the purpose of the site to search engines by explaining
    the meanings of images and other media, among other things.

Off-site optimization and ongoing optimization are also important.
Google’s algorithm considers outside links to your website, for example,
and factors like the age of your domain and how often it gets fresh
content. These aren’t technical mattters, but things that search engines
believe are evidence of the trustworthiness and value of your business.
For your website to show the value of your business in the best and
most accurate way — optimally, that is — your website has to have the
same kind of attention, networking, and investment that you make in your
brick and mortar store (or would, if you had a brick and mortar store).

performance is the best possible, the perfect performance. An optimized
website is well built, well designed, and well written. But an optimum
website, one that performs optimally, has to be an ongoing effort.