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What Should You Do with Your Keywords?

What Should You Do with Your Keywords?

How To Leverage Your Keywords for SEO

In our last SEO article, we discussed your keywords, an essential element of effective SEO. We explained what keywords are and the steps involved in identifying the best keywords for your business and your website. By following those directions, you should now have a list of ten or so effective keywords.

Now what?

Now you should use those keywords! Here are some good places to use your keywords:

  • The title of your web page.
  • Other meta tags on your pages, such as your description, and also in the alt text of your photos and videos.
  • In the first sentence of your page, as well as a few more times on the page.
  • In your social media posts

You can see why it’s important to choose your keywords wisely. If you have the right keywords, you should be able to use them naturally in all those places.

Avoid “keyword stuffing,” the practice of shoving your keywords into your website repeatedly in an unnatural way. For example, we could use sentences like, “Oyova is Jacksonville’s web development and Jacksonville’s web design firm for Jacksonville businesses needing web design and web development in Jacksonville” — but you’d wonder about us, wouldn’t you?

Instead, just use your keywords naturally, but don’t forget to do so. If you sell baby clothes and you’ve identified “baby clothes” as a primary keyword, don’t use “infant togs” just for variety.

If you realize that your website isn’t using your keywords as it should, contact Oyova today. We can help.