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Why go digital? Online Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising

Why Go Digital> Online Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising

Need a reason to relocate your business to online markets?

Traditional advertising interrupts, but online marketing breaks the ice. Why should you go digital? Online marketing provides the most effective way to establish a brand and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

The biggest difference between traditional advertising and a digital marketing campaign is that the first one supplies a source of interruption (such as radio and TV commercials or huge obnoxious signs) and the second provides an organic means to spark the conversation. Online marketing is full of useful content and information about a company, and traditional advertising methods consist of direct sales practices that provide two completely different modes of operation to approach advertising your business.

So why make the switch to digital marketing?

Because you instantly become much more interesting.

Most people don’t like commercials. They want to limit the total amount of interruptions they encounter throughout their daily routine as much as possible. Therefore, the viewer of traditional advertising is already much more inclined to ignore what you have to say completely.

In contrast to traditional advertising, digital marketing methods deem you much more interesting from the start simply because you aren’t shoving products or services in a potential customer’s face. Instead, through “inbound marketing” your products and services are presented in such a way that they become the ‘interesting new item’ that the consumer hopes to learn all about. Digital marketing invites your audience to choose whether or not to interact with content instead of being attacked by it. This makes for easier targeting by raising the quality of leads and lowering the cost of lead acquisition.

Traditional advertising is clumsy by comparison.

As mentioned, digital marketing allows for easier focus on the intended audience. It’s great for targeting. On the other hand, traditional advertising methods make use of a platform that reaches a specific audience and does not always effectively target the individuals who could perhaps benefit from the company’s products and services.

Your company and brand appear much friendlier.

Traditional advertising interruptions have the potential to deter or even inspire hostility in your audience. Yet your digital marketing efforts contribute to a friendly atmosphere and reputation for your brand by growing an online community of followers who are passionate about what you offer. In this way, online marketing cultivates trust between the customer and the brand.

It may be the most cost-effective choice.

Digital marketing is all about targeting, analysis, and reporting to maximize ROI. This helps you manifest real results in more leads, more sales, and more online visitors. There’s a systematic approach applied to online marketing that allows you to form the most cost-effective means of acquiring new leads.

It’s almost completely free for you to set up shop online – social media profiles and even blogs are free! So the ways in which you choose to direct your marketing investment in design, content, and customer relationship management are executed in the most efficient manner when it comes to the budget. Digital advertising helps preserve and even multiply the marketing investment.

Digital marketing is the future of advertising.

Why are so many businesses relocating to online platforms? Because it’s the future of advertising. Almost half of the world’s population has access to an internet connection. This means that by “going digital” you automatically assume the power to reach billions of people. If you hope to scale your company, then online marketing is a must. Keeping up with the competition these days requires you to develop a memorable name for yourself as a brand, and digital marketing makes branding easy.

Digital marketing not only sells products to potential buyers, but it allows your customers to continue the interaction or conversation long past the point of the sale. Thus, your online presence as a company becomes less about the sale and more about the customer’s needs.

Ready to get started with digital advertising?

Leave traditional advertising behind for more customers online. Learn more about our marketing programs and contact Oyova — a St. Petersburg web design, content marketing, social media management, and eCommerce web development company.


Traditional Advertising vs. Digital Advertising

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