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Why it Pays to have a Professional Handle your PPC Campaigns

Why it Pays to have a Professional Handle your PPC Campaigns

Understanding the Benefits of Professionals Handling Your PPC

You’re a business owner, your plate is already full if not overflowing with the day-to-day operations. Chances are you’ve probably already been “Reached” out to by some “Local” Company claiming they can get your business listed on AdWords and “guarantee” traffic. Anyone can guarantee traffic. After all traffic in this sense is a click. Is it a click by them or customers? It’s what that traffic does for you and how it’s achieved that is the skilled part.

I’m going to give you some real-time results from our clients right now, so you can feel confident that we know the AdWords business.

What’s in a Keyword?

The match type of a keyword can greatly affect your impressions volume, an example is targeting “security systems” vs targeting people who type in exactly “commercial security systems”. The orientation can also affect your cost and click-thru ratio.

Example Broad Match Keywords:

Clicks Impressions CTR Avg. CPC Avg. Pos.
security systems tampa 2 237 0.84% $18.06 3.6
tampa security systems 1 11 9.09% $2.83 3.6

The above keyword has the same Max CPC, same Ad, and same delivery method, but it has one huge difference, Cost Per Click. There is a $15.23 difference PER CLICK for the same ad position of 3.6. This is the kind of data we provide clients to help them make decisions that are best for them. Do we stick with the possibly higher impression keyword and pay an extra $15 or do we put more focus on the $2 Keyword with the 9x better click thru ratio?

Why does it pay to diversify your sources?

Google isn’t the only one in the industry when it comes to advertising online. We manage multiple sources such as banners, blogs, affiliates, social media, etc, but let us compare the above to Bing for PPC comparison’s sake.

We are running the exact same ad on Bing right now, exact same delivery time, metro area, and broad match as well. Google wants $15.00/per click for “security systems” on average, it’s going to be $20-$25 for First Position. You’ve already seen the above example of keyword orientation and targeting. Now, what if I told you Bing would be a better choice than Google?

Clicks Impressions CTR Avg. CPC Avg. Pos.
Security systems 61 4,621 1.32% $2.43 2.65
Security systems tampa 0 83 0% $0 1.87

You can see here that Bing allows us to go completely broad match for just “security systems” in the Tampa Metro Area for only $2.43 per click and increase our average position by 1 spot. Even the targeted keyword with “Tampa” had decent impressions. When it does get clicked it’s to be around $1.

But are Bing users as real as Google users?

The proof is in the traffic! The overall Ad Group Traffic from Bing and Google right now using the same PPC details provides us this data:

Visits Pages/Visit Avg. Time on Site %New Visits Bounce Rate
Bing 128 4.96 1:05 98.44% 0.78%
Google 9 2.44 0:04 88.89% 0%

The case could be made for this keyword that Bing users are actually more real than Google users. You can’t afford to ignore Bing as a legitimate Pay Per Click source. Contact us so we can analyze the various online campaign sources for your business.