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Your Website’s Call to Action

Your Website's Call to Action

Designing an Effective CTA

The classic formula for marketing is A-I-D-A: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. This acronym has been around for more than a century, and it still works, because it expresses something basic about how people make decisions.

On too many websites, the focus is only on Attention. We know that web visitors take just a few seconds to decide whether to stay on our site or to click back to the search results, so we work hard to make our site visually appealing and craft exciting headlines to catch the visitor’s attention.

Sometimes we overdo it.

Think of the website with multiple products, boxes, and offers plastered across it like a Sunday paper ad circular. You don’t know where to look.

The website opens with a loud video that proclaims to everyone in the office that you’re not actually working on that spreadsheet.

The artsy, moody website with giant graphics and a clever, cryptic headline but no location, price, or contact information.

Your website can be visually exciting and fun, but it also has to move your visitors to do something. Do you want your visitors to call you? Have the phone number prominently placed and ask your visitor to call. Do you want shoppers in your store? Make the store easy to find and be sure that check-out is smooth.

Decide what you want your visitors to do, and then make sure that your content and design make it easy. You don’t have to sacrifice the attention-grabbing, interesting, desirable elements of the website — just don’t lose sight of the action you need your visitors to take.

Now that we’ve gotten your attention and interested you, look at your website and see whether you need and desire to make some changes. Then take action: call Oyova at 904-322-8820 and let us help you make your website a valuable part of your marketing mix.