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5 Reasons You Need to Outsource Your Development Department

5 Reasons You Need to Outsource Your Development Department

While it may seem counterintuitive to get rid of something that is so much a part of your marketing offerings today, outsourcing your development department actually offers significant revenue and cost-saving opportunities for your agency. For a forward-thinking marketing agency, outsourcing is the real key to scalable growth.

Relinquish the HR Headaches

If your agency is like most, finding technical talent is difficult. You either have to lure them away from their current employer (and deal with the bad HR karma) or run the risk that their alleged skills aren’t quite what they claimed. Without the technical knowledge, it’s hard for you to know for sure until they’re on the job and then it’s too late.

Outsourcing your development needs to a firm that handles only technology projects means they can handle staffing issues and skills assessments for you. No more wondering if you’ll find the right person, or if they have the skills necessary to impress your client. You’ll always have the skills you need at the time you need them.

Better Manage the Ups and Downs of Client Needs

Your technology needs to ebb and flow with client projects. If you have an intense technology project you may bulk up your department, only to find you aren’t landing as many large projects as you projected. Now you’re overstaffed and your developers are getting bored.

Or the reverse could be true. Most of your clients have basic technology needs so you keep a small, skilled staff on hand and then a dream bid appears and now you don’t have the technical staff to cover it.

With a technology partner, you can handle the ebb and flow of development projects without it impacting your payroll.

Access the Latest Technology

Developers are only as good as their ability to keep up with technology and trends. Investing in your employees is critical to a strong development department. However, the cost of education and the time off task can be high. Generally, these types of costs can’t be billed directly back to the client.

Outsourcing your development department to a technology firm means your “staff” has the most up-to-date skills without you footing the bill or managing the downtime.

Easier Project Management

Managing technology projects, if your skills aren’t technical, can be akin to trying to coordinate a cat flash mob. Understanding requirements, allocating resources, and managing deadlines and deliverables is exhausting and you’re at the mercy of your developers’ explanations.

Take that off your plate. Outsourcing your technology team, and the management of your technology projects, will give you more time in your day and ultimately make your clients happier because they’ll get what they want in the time you agreed upon.

Outsource the Costs

A skilled development team is costly. Rockstar developers fetch a pretty penny on the market plus additional staff means benefits and resource costs as well (space in your agency, computers, software licenses, and more). These costs may or may not translate into billable hours.

With an outsourced team you pay for a fraction of the skill cost and none of the resource or benefits costs, yet you can offer your clients all of the same services.

If you’re looking for a way to advance your technology project complexity, increase your technology project revenue, or become more competitive in your technology offerings, outsourcing your development team provides immediate cost relief and helps you improve revenue.

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