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Top 10 Reasons Talented Programmers Quit

Top 10 Reasons Talented Programmers Quit

Why Top-Level Programmers Leave Companies

If you’re a programmer, your skills are much in demand. Don’t work at a dull, dead-end job. If you recognize yourself or your employer in this list, it’s time you consider working at Oyova.

1. Your boss has no idea what you do. While many managers of programming departments have moved up the ranks, there are still some who have simply been placed in their roles for management reasons, not for technical skills. You won’t find that at Oyova. We all speak geek here.

2. Your boss is getting in the way of problem-solving and progress. Empowering a team and giving them the tools to solve the problems they face, is the most useful thing management can do. Crackerjack developers don’t need to be micromanaged. At Oyova we hire smart so we trust our employees’ input.

3. You don’t have the resources you need to do your job. Working with faulty equipment, being understaffed, or not having the right technology are common reasons programmers look for greener pastures. We love tech here, so we ensure the right tools and technology are in place to make our employees as efficient as possible.

4. There’s no innovation. Stagnation never breeds content employees. We challenge each other every day.

5. There’s no room for advancement. Many people believe programmers are happy coding forever. While that may be true of some, we look for the best and the brightest developers who are always interested in growth and new responsibilities.

6. Tight wallets and unskilled coworkers. Some companies want cheap labor. They hire underskilled people and expect their peers to train them, not on processes and procedures, but on basic programming skills. This isn’t efficient. It makes programmers feel more like babysitters than developers. No one wins from that scenario.

7.  Management underestimates the time it takes for projects so employees are always behind schedule. It’s a real problem when middle management is so busy trying to impress upper management that they become yes-sirs and overwhelm their people. At Oyova we understand deadlines are promises to our clients, and we take them very seriously. There is the occasional overtime that the workload demands but projects are projected accurately and honestly, which keeps everyone happy.

8. Staff never gets any credit. Whether this is the development department in general or management basking in the kudos and leaving individual programmers out, no one wants to feel underappreciated. We are a team here at Oyova and we succeed together.

9. You’re the best around. When you are the best in the group and have no mentor or teacher, your skills will not improve. Developers must continue to be challenged and learn new code, technology, and languages as they emerge. If you’re not challenged, you’re not growing. If you’re not growing, you’ll soon lose your “best” status.

10. You’re no better off today than when you started. If the technology is ancient, and your skills are not maintained, you’re going to start to become less marketable. While it seems detrimental to want your employees to be marketable for fear they will leave, we don’t worry about that. We want the tech community to see our employees as the best and brightest around. When employees feel good about their skills, and they feel challenged, they’re less likely to leave.

If you’re unhappy in your current job and want to be part of the Oyova team, contact us today.