6 Beautiful Things Marketing Can Teach You About Life
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6 Beautiful Things You Can Learn About Life from Marketing

6 Beautiful Things You Can Learn About Life from Marketing


A Closer Look at Confidence, Your Purpose, Goals, and Success on the Road Ahead

The digital agency life usually stops short of poetic. But when you’re curating copy on the daily, marketing can teach you some beautiful things about life.

When it’s your job to inspire, you start to wonder what matters most to people. Your audience connects with the conviction you convey in emotion, and most are hardly moved by empty words. Confidence, purpose, goals, and success on the road ahead are all concerns that marketing has in common with the average human.

Here are a few beautiful things you can learn about life from marketing:

1. Confidence is a Secret Weapon

Confidence — it’s the difference between succeeding or failing at what you do in life. You can get away with much more when you present yourself with confidence. It’s the most potent element when capturing others’ attention, which works mainly because it’s contagious.

They’re expecting it.

Not only is an audience expecting confidence, but they could also ignore you for lacking it. If you’re wondering why no one’s buying into what you say, then adopt a bolder, more self-assured approach.

2. Your Life Purpose is Unique

One of the first things you’ll notice on a website (if they’re doing it right) is a UVP. Every great brand has a Unique Value Proposition or a simple phrase that conveys an original offering. Your UVP is what others find useful and unique about your existence; in essence, it’s your life purpose. Others connect and identify with it.

What is your life purpose?

The sooner you figure this out, the quicker you can be a success. It’s the key to knowing how others benefit from your existence. Determining your life’s purpose allows you to bring much more purpose and meaning into what you do.

3. The Key to Reaching Goals

Consistency is the key to reaching goals and succeeding in the digital marketing profession. The more you practice, the better you get at it. This is true for most endeavors in life, but it’s even truer when it comes to the way in which others perceive you.

Constant vigilance keeps you achieving goals.

You present an image in the minds of others by reinforcing the same thing continuously over time. Reaching your goals is as simple as always keeping the compass pointed in the right direction.

4. Success is in a Plan

Success is the result of a plan. The success or failure of endeavors is a direct reflection of how well you planned for them. That’s how people accomplish great things. Sure there may be magic moments that just seem to “fall in place,” but everyone knows we normally categorize these happy coincidences as “miracles.”

Don’t bet on sunny weather.

How well you plan for something depends on your ability to predict the best and worst outcomes. Think Murphy’s Law. Never plan for the worst, and always hope for the best. But do know the consequences before you step.

5. Why You Should Fail with Grace

The best experience in life comes from failure. In fact, you usually won’t get far without failing a few times — unless you have luck on your side. Most of the time, failing offers the most valuable insight.

Turn your failure into a lesson for the future.

First, admit it. You weren’t stupid in unknowingly making a mistake, yet it must offer some sort of benefit for the future. You have to learn from it. Moving ahead with plans in marketing relies on making “mistakes” or identifying “deficient” areas that need to be revised. Marketers call this step of process refinement, and the quicker you get it over with, the better.

6. It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

Marketing is all in the feeling you inspire inside your customers’ minds. It’s most often successfully executed when it appeals to emotion rather than sheer logic. Sure, the price of something you desperately want may be too high, but how often have you felt you would pay anything for something you deeply desired?

This irrational desire is what you should inspire.

Just like marketing, life doesn’t always have to make sense. When you go about judging or rationalizing things, logic may lead you astray. Listen to your intuition, and follow your passion.

Marketing life is a beautiful thing.

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